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    Open Carrier Robbed

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    Newport News Sheriffs Election

    This is pretty last minute, but does anyone have any information on the candidates and their view towards armed citizens? Not finding a whole lot online.
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    SD 14, Hampton Roads and Outlying Area, Firehouse Primary May 9th

    http://hamptonroads.com/2013/04/cosgrove-has-gop-challenger-va-senate-special-election There is a Republican Firehouse Primary coming up in Senate District 14. Voting is for only three hours on May 9th, from 5 PM to 8 PM. The two candidate are John Cosgrove and Chris Stearns. Cosgrove was in...
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    Commodore Theater in Portsmouth

    http://www.wavy.com/dpp/news/local_news/portsmouth/local-theatre-security-post-shooting Video in the link, the owner of the theater open carrys. I wonder what their policy is towards patrons? ""I think everyone needs to be vigilant whether it's terrorists or non-terrorists," Fred...
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    Amtrak Station

    Can I carry in the station? What about the parking lot? I am accompanying my girlfriend to the NN Amtrak station tonight to pick up a friend coming in from DC, trying to figure out if I can carry.
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    Joes Garage has a new sign - Gun Owners Welcome

    Joes Garage in Floyd VA has a new sign:
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    Thanks OCDO and VCDL

    So I was planning a trip to Charleston this summer with the girlfriend. We wanted to stay at this campground: http://www.ccprc.com/index.aspx?NID=274 I was looking over their campground guidelines and sure enough, I find this * Firearms, fireworks, BB guns, or other potentially lethal...
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    SC carry question

    I'm looking to visit Charlot this summer and was considering camping here, except they appear to not allow firearms: http://www.ccprc.com/index.aspx?nid=68 Rules are listed here: http://www.ccprc.com/index.aspx?NID=838 From the research I've done, South Carolina has preemption. Is the...
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    Treadquarters on Mercury in Hampton

    So I needed some new tires and a state inspection. I called treadquarters yesterday. They had two of the tires I wanted, and could have the other two in the next day (today). I got a call that they were in so I drove on over. Right after I walk in I'm asked if I'm "on duty". Uh, no? He...
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    Peninsula Town Center

    imported post I've OC'd there before with no issues, and seen posts that others have as well. I was looking at their website today and saw this: http://www.peninsulatowncenter.com/Information/GuestInformation/CommunityStandards.aspx Maintain Proper Decorum Do not engage in behavior that can...
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    Harassed by a purported federal agent

    imported post I decided to go to the Nations gun show in Chantilly this afternoon with a friend. We were having trouble finding parking so we decided to go grab some lunch first at the nearby Chipotle. There was a man at a table near us with who I assume was his girlfriend. I could tell he was...
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    Gun Control and the War on Drugs

    imported post Great article: http://www.campaignforliberty.com/article.php?view=592
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    The Norva

    imported post Are they privately owned? I see they ban weapons: http://www.thenorva.com/faq.html
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    VA Air and Space Center in Hampton

    imported post Anyone know who owns it? Is carry permitted there?
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    Saint Johns in Richmond

    imported post Has anyone ever OC'd there? I was thinking about trying to see their reenactment this veterans day.
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    Blacksburg OC police response

    imported post I was in Blacksburg this weekend for a biannual car show and cookout at VT. A large group of people were going to go on a cruise and met in the Food Lion parking lot. There were probably about 20-30 cars, and we were there about 20 minutes. I wasn't oc'ing at the time, but a...
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    Shooting in Botetourt

    imported post Didn't see the posted yet. 911 audio is in the link: http://www.roanoke.com/news/breaking/wb/201085
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    A&P Arms

    imported post Anyone ever shop or open carry at the one off of Mercury in Hampton?I've always cc'd and notified them (per their instructions on the door). I guess I wont ever find out about open carrying there... I will never go there again. A few weeks ago I stoped in and asked if they had...
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    Traveling to PA

    imported post I'm headed to PA tommorow (going to whitetail for some skiing). I have a VA CHP and I know we have reciprocity with PA. Are there an laws I should know about? Does PA require notification? I have to travel through MD, and I know I can't carry there. Does anyone know how I can...
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    Guns in cars

    imported post What exactly are the laws regarding driving with a gun in the car? I have a CHP, but im curious about the law both with a CHP and without. -Without a CHP, can a rifle (loaded, unloaded?) be carried unconcealed in the car? Does haveing a CHP make a difference (maybe mag...