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  1. Red Dawg

    Open Carry and elementary age kids

    Was thinking about something....With the school shootings, and such, little kids that don't know any better might really be afraid of us. I bring this up because I am attending my grandson's birthday party at some bounce house, or such this weekend. With my open carried gun, my lil guy will...
  2. Red Dawg

    Shots Fired at Navy Yard in DC

    Huh, Impoosible. I do NOT believe it. Not in DC, and not on a Navy Base. There is no way a person could have a gun there. ::// Sarcasm from Hell...
  3. Red Dawg

    Burglars targeting homes with vehicles displaying "gun stickers"

    Norfolk police are warning gun owners that they may want to remove "gun stickers" from their vehicles. http://www.wvec.com/home/Burglars-targeting-homes-with-vehicles-displaying-gun-stickers--200926081.html Good reason why I don't put a buncha stickers on my cars.. Of course, the opposite is...
  4. Red Dawg

    After Newtown, teachers getting lesson on guns

    http://www.wvec.com/my-city/vabeach/Teachers-getting-lesson-on-guns-186960411.html VIRGINIA BEACH-Dozens of teachers from across Hampton Roads are getting a lesson on guns. After the school shooting in Connecticut, several of them called Superior Pawn and Gun in Virginia Beach and asked to...
  5. Red Dawg

    Media Influence

    Everyone in our country is sickened by the tragedies by a few disturbed individuals. Why would someone go into a classroom and kill VERY young children? We will probably not know answers, but after the fact speculation gives some reasons, but of course they are pretty silly. Bottom line is no...
  6. Red Dawg

    Disarmed in Aurora by PD

    From a Colorado OC'er I was in walmart doing some shopping. When I left and turned the corner just outside the door. 6 LEO's grabbed my arms before I even knew what was going on, and twisted my arms until they hurt, took my wallet, and disarmed me before they even said a word. They told me...
  7. Red Dawg

    Why would anyone need a gun in VB?

    Driver yanked from van, robbed on his way to work in Virginia Beach: VIRGINIA BEACH -- For 6 years, taking Pungo Ferry Road to Blackwater Road in Creeds has been part of Allen Liem's early morning commute. Wednesday, to start, was no different, but by the time Liem hit the intersection, he'd be...
  8. Red Dawg

    Is it illegal to oc while visiting a veteran state cementary?

    Sounds like MPGUY might need some Hornady Zombie Max ammo..You never know who you may run into. As an aside, I echo Skid and thanks for taking care of ours that gave theirs. Scott
  9. Red Dawg

    Be careful on your "Wal-Mart Walk"

    Smile for the day: http://www.kpho.com/story/16978166/gun-accidentally-misfires-inside-mesa-wal-mart-bathroom?hpt=us_bn7 In Mesa, a man was inside a Walmart bathroom when a bullet struck just a few feet from the urinal where he was standing. "Last thing that you'd expect is for a gunshot to...
  10. Red Dawg

    Our Brady Score

    http://www.bradycampaign.org/stategunlaws/scorecard/VA/ Was reading about these in another state thread. Was disappointed we have a 12. I would have thought with all the whining about our gun laws, and the Bloomers accusing us of feeding their criminals, we would have single digits...
  11. Red Dawg

    General Help--Sorry

    Guys/Gals, I searched on "checking a fireamrs history" and "Serial number checks". Nothing worthwhile comes up for what I need. I thought about the general forums, but I trust my fellow VA members, and those that come on here. I aquired a handgun from a friend who died, and I know no history...
  12. Red Dawg

    Obama Pushing Shooters Off Public Lands

    http://www.usnews.com/news/blogs/washington-whispers/2011/11/16/obama-pushing-shooters-off-public-lands Not exactly only open carry, but thought everyone might be interested. It's just one more thing that they are trying, that may seem small, but we have to keep our freedom and it is OUR land...
  13. Red Dawg

    Obama Pushing Shooters Off Public Lands

    http://www.usnews.com/news/blogs/washington-whispers/2011/11/16/obama-pushing-shooters-off-public-lands While this isn't OC specific, It is important. Small steps the Gov't takes affect things across the board.
  14. Red Dawg

    Open Carry Ride for VCDL

    I'm looking at getting a poker run together as a fund raiser and get together. As of right now there looks to be some interest from reading about "OC on an MC" earlier and last year. Since I am a Southside kind of guy, and know where everything is around here. And I have set up Poker runs...
  15. Red Dawg

    Open Carry Gathering?

    Aloha, I'll be in Colorado Springs the week of 28th, through the 1st of Apr. Was wondering if anyone is interested in getting together for coffee, or dinner in the area. Will be up at the Marriott on Tech Center Dr, just North of the Springs. I am familiar with the area, but not O/C friendly...
  16. Red Dawg

    HB 2005 - display and handout firearms laws pamphlet

    HB 2005 - Delegate LeMunyon - requires firearms shows, dealers, private sellers with a table to display and handout firearms laws pamphlet - VCDL Strongly Opposes Help me understand why this is bad. I'm thinking on both sides. I think it good that the laws get out there to make a better...