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  1. Maverick9

    Threatening with a Gun vs. Shooting at Someone, There are different legal standards for the two actions ... Prof. Eugene Volokh’s Conspiracy

    This experience I had a couple of years ago is "kind of" relevant, if only to give members a sense of scale. I was returning to my car from shopping, had my cart, and was about 20 feet from the front of my car. About 5 feet behind my car was a young man (30?) and a woman, and the woman had two...
  2. Maverick9

    Showing ID to police

    Alex, and what pray tell is your MO now? Not show, show, offer some soft resistance? Strategies?
  3. Maverick9

    OC in a police station?

    There's always to good old GATTTOTP for frightened LE administrators upon which to fall back. 'Hey we're public!'. 'We just want to go home safe at night and digest our donuts', or something like that. (just kidding)
  4. Maverick9

    Fredericksburg man convicted of brandishing

    Isn't there a forum rule about ridiculing and disparaging other members in off-topic posts. Shame on you two.
  5. Maverick9

    Science Museum of Virginia - anyone know if posted no carry?

    https://www.smv.org/ Heading here for a visit next week. Anyone know if there are postings, OC/CC allowed? TIA
  6. Maverick9

    How should a person respond to a negative remark about OCing?

    Some people may react that way when confronted by an overly entitled Hall Monitor™. Did you use the word 'shrinkage'? Or maybe you did the Donald Sutherland point? Either way, though, I'd shrink away from "reporting" things in the store, unless you're Bea Arthur.
  7. Maverick9

    Video: Officer Tases Partner Youtube - Question.

    Hi guys, I've been discussing the actions in the now infamous 'Officer Tases Partner' video on Youtube. Now we just see a short snippet from the POV of the officers lapel cam, but they go up to a couple sitting in a car, start questioning them, and saying things like "I'm going to count to...
  8. Maverick9

    Children's spat leads Clear Lake father to alleged armed assualt

    Yes, yes it is: I'm just going to post a limited screen capture here, for FYI purposes. It may or may not be associated with this action: Interesting web presence of the WCCA. It appears from reading the account that person A just pistol-whipped person B. I don't see how that gets one...
  9. Maverick9

    Force Science and UDs

    Conjecture as to why police or civilian UDs will not use a Clearing barrel, sand-bucket,, water barrel or something when "playing with your gun"? Civilians can buy them...or make them with a sand-filled bucket (handgun only). This vid details using 9 bags at $6/bag rubber "mulch". 55 gallon...
  10. Maverick9

    Any direct experience with liability after the use of a defensive firearm in Va?

    There's a discussion going on about the need for some kind of insurance in case you get sued from having to defend yourself. Some say that the specific policies, like that from CCW Safe are the way to go, and that an Umbrella policy may have an 'Intentional Exclusion' clause, which prevents you...
  11. Maverick9

    Woman accidentally shot during citizen police academy (citizen patrol) training

    https://www.yahoo.com/gma/woman-accidentally-shot-during-citizen-police-academy-063659607--abc-news-topstories.html Someone has a real problem. Officer was put on leave. Woman declared deceased. There will be a full internal investigation. That is all we know at this point.
  12. Maverick9

    Congressman Says His Constituents ‘Shouldn’t Have to Carry a Gun’

    I think she'd be as excited to appoint this guy. I think she owes him. (j/k):
  13. Maverick9

    Connecticutt SP caught fabricating charges against open carrying DUI protester

    http://www.courant.com/news/connecticut/hc-michael-picard-dui-protest-arrest-20160128-story.html?utm_source=fark&utm_medium=website&utm_content=link# 'We gotta cover our a&&'
  14. Maverick9

    Video disputes account of Baltimore police shooting of stopped motorist

    http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/lawyer-video-disputes-baltimore-police-account-shooting-36310639 Doesn't look good for the BPD. Guy was stopped in traffic when shooting started, not trying to run down an LEO as was their "story".
  15. Maverick9

    Im nervous about the background check to purchase a handgun.

    Like this:? We met a man with two like that and he was loading and shooting black powder at the range, I think 2 years ago. I have no memory of it but he let me shoot them (I didn't ask, we just shared bench). Pretty darn cool. You use a smokeless powder? Or do you buy the ammo? IMO, the...
  16. Maverick9

    Simple freedom test-for legislators & LEO's

    OK, I made the "mistake" of googling RSMo and clicked on images. Some red-blooded males here may see the firearm. OTOH, I get it. ...but something in relation to OC-ing. (not from Mo)
  17. Maverick9

    Can you open carry on a motorcycle in Pennsylvania, specifically Pittsburgh?

    ^^Whoa - excellent! Oops, not a side arm. Nevermind.
  18. Maverick9

    What gun was used in the ferguson shooting

    I'd take the report with a grain of salt. :cool:
  19. Maverick9

    USA Today Editorial - Guns on campus 2-25-15 won't prevent rape

    http://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2015/02/24/guns-college-sexual-assaults-james-alan-fox/23889451/ Mr Fox offers this ridiculous argument: I say: Would an aroused and inebriated Woman use her firearm to intimidate some non-consenting Man into bed? "Submit or I got yer gun right heah!"?