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  1. Curmudgeon

    2023 Statute change

    It's possible that spammers currently create a significant percentage of posts and traffic. :rolleyes:
  2. Curmudgeon

    Does anyone ever read this forum?

    Another thought... Does anyone else find it ironic that a post about decreasing forum participation has become the busiest thread on OCDO? :unsure: :geek:
  3. Curmudgeon

    Does anyone ever read this forum?

    Reading your post, I'm also wondering whether training numbers have progressively changed as well. I'm not certain about this but I thought a person could find an NRA course and attend it without necessarily having to be an NRA member. Either way, a notable change would be interesting.
  4. Curmudgeon

    Does anyone ever read this forum?

    In the 2nd floor bathroom, dying their hair in rainbow colors and painting each other's nails. I don't know what the girls are up to. :rolleyes:
  5. Curmudgeon

    Sad to see no activity anymore.

    Still OCing, still lurking.
  6. Curmudgeon

    Does anyone ever read this forum?

    I still have it bookmarked and stop by maybe 5 times/week, just to see what's up. I still OC everywhere locally, retired now, I get out frequently but typically don't go far.
  7. Curmudgeon

    Gun Restrictions as Analogy for Justifying Speech Restrictions. E. Volokh

    And reported again, as it is still there.
  8. Curmudgeon

    Kim Stolfer (FOAC) Needs YOUR Help Right NOW!

    Copied over from the Pennsylvania forum. Although the bulk of Kim Stolfer's work, and the primary focus of Firearms Owners Against Crime is Pennsylvania based, I think everyone can appreciate the value of the work being done here. When one of us is in trouble, any of us, we all tend to lend...
  9. Curmudgeon

    New forum for 2A in PA...

    Just want to pass along the info. I think the idea is basically a PA focus, but events occurring all over are still significant, and folks from all over are encouraged to check it out. Maybe even participate! pa2a.org direct for signing up new members... pa2a.org - Registration Agreement
  10. Curmudgeon

    Anti-Gun Boycott of Starbucks planned for Valentine's Day...

    More at link... http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/starbucks-pro-gun-policy-prompts-gun-victims-advocate-group-to-launch-nationwide-boycott-on-valentines-day-2012-137890863.html The Mrs and I are planning on visiting every Starbucks in our vicinity while proudly wearing our "I Love Guns...
  11. Curmudgeon

    TPSO encounter

    Unless you know this to be policy for a fact, you may want to look into it as well. Although my experiences are limited to one WalMart here in Pennsylvania, I have been purchasing ammo while OCing for almost 2 years now. Never a word from anyone about purchasing while carrying. I have been...