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Search results

  1. skyisfalling

    Los Padres Nation Forest OC

    I have been "snowbirding" in Santa Barbara. My usual habits concerning OC'ing have been greatly encumbered. At least I have the back country. It's legal to carry in the National Forest, right? Had a meeting with District Ranger, Mr. Douglas Dodge. He seemed sympathetic to my plight of...
  2. skyisfalling

    Shot and Killed my Video Camera

    Runnin' & Gunnin' , doing my "tacticool" thing, I accidentally shot and killed my video camera. I had it tied to a tree, just above the target. I thought it would be cool to have video of myself looking bad ass with flash and smoke blasting at the camera. My Bad. $100 shot to hell. R.I.P...
  3. skyisfalling

    22 revolver

    I own a Rough Rider and a Beretta Neos. Love 'em both. If you can only buy one .22 , I highly encourage you to consider the Beretta Neos. 3000 rounds perfect. Super reliable, super fun. Thin and light weight. My "go-to" .22 pistol. $300. The Heritage Manufacturing Rough Rider is a fun...
  4. skyisfalling

    Assalt Weapon ?

    I am planning a trip to Cali. I have been researching gun laws. Wow, what a mess. It appears to be impossible to own a gun and be in complete compliance. I bought a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 .40 for backpacking. The wilderness area I will be visiting is full of Bears and Mountain Lions. My question is...
  5. skyisfalling

    Anyone OC in Santa Barbara

    Howdy, I'll be spending the winter months in Santa Barbara. Does anyone OC in that county. Maybe even Ventura county or Santa Maria county. Is there a community of gun toting constitutionalists.
  6. skyisfalling

    Got my CCP today

    Got my CPL Today Got my CPL in the mail today. Glad I do not have to pull my side arm and lock it in a box, every time I get into my truck. Not proud that I participated in an unconstitutional law and illegal taxation.
  7. skyisfalling

    Whatcom County OC

    Whatcom County OC meet and greet. Sunday, Aug. 14. 10:00am Bakerview Starbucks next to Fred Meyers. So far, Skyisfalling and Sudden Valley Gunner, are in