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  1. D

    This is a NFA collector forum isn't it?

    I got a new case a couple of weeks ago and thought I'd spruce the place up. Now I know the problem, this site severely limits the photo size. I tried anyway? Darryl
  2. D

    USCCA Insurance?

    I'm thinking about buying their insurance plan. Any body have any comments? Thanks, Darryl
  3. D

    Full Auto Owner's?

    Most people buy gold or silver as a hedge to the market. I looked into that and saw that the metals market has to increase 20% before your investment breaks even. I did the right thing in hindsight, and bought collectible guns, which have been on a tear lately. Even a blind hog finds a acorn...
  4. D

    Full Auto Owner's?

    Just wondering if there are many full auto owners on this forum? I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it. Darryl