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    Out of State Help

    2.5 years late in the reply. You are everywhere. :LOL: No, I didn't like Berlin. I was a Gorham "yuppie." I miss the Whites.
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    Out of State Help

    I'm not registering until July which is my birthday month and have to renew and get a new license. So come July I know I will be able to open carry with a MN permit. Its these next 7 months I'm interested in.
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    Out of State Help

    Can I get it while maintaining my NH drivers license? I am a current LEO and can cc anywhere. But because of MN laws, I can't leave a gun in my truck, or buy a new gun. Plus the city I am in just had a cop shot in the head last night.
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    Out of State Help

    Hello, I just moved to MN in the Weseca/Owatonna area from NH for work. My family and residence is still in NH. I plan on switching licenses when the family gets out here in June/ July. So I am an out-of-stater, NH resident (Constitutional Carry state) , and fall under LEOSA law. Can I get a...
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    SB 234 Update/Question

    Taken from myfloridahouse.gov Im not sure how this process works. Let me now if this is correct or not. On March 9th the Criminal Justice Committee in the Florida Senate votes yeah or nay for it to be taken up. Then it goes to the Senate floor for a yeah or nay vote. If passed then it...
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    Question about the Open Carry Dot Org Maps

    If you click on the map labeled Constitutional Carry you will see only three states colored green. I love these states, and I hope someday in my lifetime that all 50 will be green. Look at the legend decribing what is green and what is red. For green states it reads: "States allow both open...
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    Question about SB 234 regarding LEO's

    Hello OCDO, First post, long-time part-time troll Question regarding SB 234. First some back story. I work for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, as such I am considered a federal leo. Because of LEOSA I can conceal carry across all 50 states and D.C. WITHOUT and permit or licence, even if...