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    Sporting Equipment or Assault Weapon?

    http://badgerlakeobserver.blogspot.com/2014/10/sporting-equipment-or-assault-weapons.html Derek Jeter recently hit his last home run. The baseball bat he used will become a piece of famous sports history. People will travel from everywhere to see it and take pictures of their children standing...
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    When Resistance Becomes Duty

    When Resistance Becomes Duty After I watched this video, I was eager to see what what was in the others on her site. The message she has is succinct, convincing and compelling, if not a bit chilling. My own beliefs have been strengthened by Josie's conviction. Here is the Link: Badger Lake...
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    A Pathetic display of "Justice"

    Here is a link to an excellent video of Chris Cox addressing Eric Holder's contempt for the United States, its constitution, its citizens, and last, but not least, Congress: http://badgerlakeobserver.blogspot.com/2012/07/fortune-magazine-in-bag-for-holder-and.html It also shows how the mass...