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  1. eBratt

    Denver/North Denver Shooting Range with Rentals?

    So I have two friends that, after long and persistent discussions, have decided they want to purchase handguns. I'm looking for a good range in the Denver, North of Denver area that we can go. I need a place with some GOOD options for renting handguns. While I'm there with them I'd love to try...
  2. eBratt

    Ankle holster for SW 642

    Looking for a good recommendation on a S&W 642 ankle holster. Anyone have one they love? If you have one you enjoyed and don't need it anymore, I might be willing to buy it off you if it is in good shape.
  3. eBratt

    How did I miss this OC event?

    Didn't even hear about it until I stumbled across this article. It's even in my neck of the woods. Would have been there in a heartbeat if I had known. Anyone on here attend? Toast, eggs and guns highlight Open Carry Breakfast in Greeley An Open Carry Breakfast at The Ranch on Saturday invited...
  4. eBratt

    Good Encounter in Firestone

    I was browsing through the American Furniture Warehouse in Firestone on Saturday with my family. I had been there for about an hour without anything more than a second glance or two when I noticed a store employee hanging out near us (about 20 feet away). As I had a question, I approached him in...
  5. eBratt

    Guns and Courthouses

    Since my last thread got 0 responses, I'll ask more broadly about the issue. Has anyone had any experiences trying to check a firearm at a courthouse? Do courthouses tend to provide this service? In Washington, there is a statute requiring courthouses to provide storage lockers for those...
  6. eBratt

    OC and Jury Duty in Weld County

    Just got called up for jury duty for the Weld County courts. It isn't until next month but I wanted to reach out and see if anyone else has had any experiences OCing to jury duty, particularly in Weld County, and how the process for checking a firearms went. Thanks!
  7. eBratt

    Presidential Debate

    I got an alert from OhioCCW saying that President Obama outed himself for plans to renew the '94 AWB and go after handguns. We don't have TV so I didn't get to see it. Anyone else catch it? How accurate was their alert?
  8. eBratt

    OC at the RMNP

    Decided that we needed to get out of town and enjoy some nature. So, the wife and piled the kids in the minivan and headed up to Estes and into the Rocky Mountain National Park. I was dressed in jeans/tshirt with my S&W 642 in a SERPA holster carried cross-draw. We stopped at one of the scenic...
  9. eBratt

    Friendly Business: $1.50 a Scoop Chinese in Greeley

    My job doesn't afford me the opportunity to OC but with us going out this weekend, I figured I'd take the opportunity. Our big stop was the American Furniture Warehouse in Fort Collins to purchase a new mattress for my oldest kid. Between the showroom side of the store to purchase the mattress...
  10. eBratt

    OT: Handgun Sale to Active Duty Military

    Quick question. I've been trying to track down information on whether you can sell a handgun to an active duty military person who: A. Is from out of state (out of state license) B. Is currently stationed in Colorado (with orders showing him stationed here) Anyone have any knowledge...
  11. eBratt

    Estes Park Highlands Festival

    Anyone carried at the Highlands Festival up there? OC? CC? Bueller?
  12. eBratt

    OT: Anyone from Fort Collins Area heading to Pueblo tomorrow?

    To help keep this on topic, I'll buy lunch for anyone who takes me up on this so it will be an OC Lunch Meetup! Long story short, UHAUL just made my weekend moving plans hell and the closest available truck to move my family from Lamar to the Fort Collins area where I am isn't going to be in...
  13. eBratt

    OT: Outside Shooting Areas near Fort Collins

    Hey, I'm in the mood to head out and do some shooting this weekend. I can't stand indoor ranges though (grew up shooting outdoors) and am curious if anyone knows of some good areas to go shooting. I could just head out to some National Forest land and walk until I find a place but if someone...
  14. eBratt

    Permit delayed

    I submitted my application for my carry permit with Prowers county 91 days ago. When it didn't show up in the mail yesterday, I made a call this morning. The reason it is delayed? The sheriff is on vacation until next week. I pointed out the 90 deadline and that they were required to approve...
  15. eBratt

    Two Questions: Public Transportation and a Guide

    I was a near daily OCer back in Washington but due to my employment until recently I was unable to OC in the small community in which I was living. Now that I am back in civilization (Loveland) and working for a reasonable employer, I am looking to start OCing again. First, in browsing the...
  16. eBratt

    Anyone want some brass?

    imported post Packing up to move and I came across about 200-9mm brass cases and maybe 50-.38 cases (all once fired, Winchester White Box). I'm in the Poulsbo area. If anyone wants them for reloading, they are welcome to them. Otherwise they are headed with me to the recycling center next week.
  17. eBratt

    OC in vehicle w/o permit

    imported post I will be traveling through Oregon from Washington on my way out to Colorado for a job. I am good in Washington and once I hit Oregon, but don't have a permit that will cover me in Oregon. I understand that OC is a viable option in OR, even in your vehicle so long as it is...
  18. eBratt

    Gun Safety Class

    imported post Anyone know of any cheap/free gun safety classes in the Kitsap area happening this month? There is a distinct possibility I may be moving to rural Colorado where they require a safety class to apply for a permit and I'd rather not have to track down a class there. It sounds like...
  19. eBratt

    Proof of Firearms Competency

    imported post I am curious about what is accepted as proof of competency for a concealed permit. I'm hoping to make the move from Washington to Colorado as smooth as possible and already having the proof of competency would help speed up the process of getting a permit. If it helps, it would...
  20. eBratt

    Lamar, CO

    imported post Considering a job in Lamar, CO. Anyone have any experiences or info from out that way?