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    Kel Tec PF9 Replaces Broken PT745

    I'm finished cleaning and oiling my PT745. I've got the day off from work so I take my time to gather my ammunition and head to a new shooting range. I bring both my Hi Point .40SW and my Taurus Millennium Pro .45 (latest generation) When I walk in, I'm Open Carrying (of course) and the clerk...
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    Are you.. Justified?

    You are a clerk at a gas station. A man points a gun at you and demands all the cash out of the register. His exact words are, "Give me all the money!"
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    At King's Advice- I new Thread...

    So after getting my CHP I realized a "super tuck" holster is way way outside of my price range. $70-$100 easy for a holster that allows one to tuck in a shirt. I have to remain super concealed while in certain locals- and I always have to wear dress clothes.. So I came up with a "ghetto"...
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    Taurus Millenium Pro .45 (model PT745)

    imported post So I go to my favorite firearms shop and request assistance pin pointing a new holster. I give the usual description of "6 o'clock Small of Back" and preferably leather for strength. Guy behind the counter comes out and has me bring out my pistol (unloaded due to sign on door) and...
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    Multi-State Concealed Permit

    imported post Hey everybody. I've done all the research on Utah's permit and Florida's permit. I need a second permit for the ability to concealed while traveling through the state of Ohio. I drive to Detroit from Denver, taking I70 to Ohio where I take I75 North. Currently; with just my...
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    Tanner Gun Show

    imported post Hey everyone. Who's going to the Gun Show at the Denver Merchandise Mart? Today (Sat.) and Tomorrow only. 8 bucks to get in. http://www.tannergunshow.com/showinfo.html Anyone expecting to find any crazy deals this time around? I'm going to be looking into something cheap in price...
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    imported post Colorado: House Considering “Deny-On-Arrest” Legislation Friday, April 09, 2010 The Colorado House of Representatives is currently considering legislation that would that would solidify an unconstitutional provision in the state’s background check...
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    Open Carry and Sports

    imported post I just wanted to touch base with everybody and learn the best practices for activities around town. I play sports and get active three times a week or more. I skateboard and I have to disarm for that; leaving my pistol in my car. I play frisbee golf, too; and I disarm. Whether or...
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    Green Mountain Family Shooting Center

    imported post Hey guys/gals. I'm just letting you all know I'll be at Green Mnt range at Jewell and Wadsworth today around Noon or so. I'll probably be there about an hour maybe longer, shooting two calibers, .40 and .45. Anyone have the time to get out? I don't mind trading pistols to try at...
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    Pictures and information

    imported post Maxwell Falls Trail #111 Clear Creek Ranger DistrictHello everybody. Wanted to post some pictures and share a good time. I go for hikes through the wilderness a couple times a week to center myself. This is a nice hike that's not to far from Denver Metro. It's...
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    Just signed up for concealed

    imported post Just signed up for my concealed weapons training class at a local adult ed. It's NRA Basic Pistol. My class is Saturday, March 6th. I just wanted to share that with the board. =) I'm excited for it and will be glad to be carrying concealed in Denver. Wanted to also say I will...
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    Reviewing my new Hi Point .40SW handgun

    imported post Hey everyone. I just got back from the range so I'll give a few words on my new pistol. For a little background- I'm a small guy, 5' 10" 140 On a Good day. I have small hands. Sweaty palms when I shoot too.. Okay so from a physical standpoint that's where I am against the .40SW...
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    Sterling Heights Police Department

    imported post Hey everyone. Born and raised at 7 and Dequinder. I moved to Sterling Heights as a teenager, with my parents. I went to middle school and high school there and lived there a year after that. Getting to the point- I've been pulled over and subsequently searched by the SHPD more...
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    Just Have To Adjust

    imported post Ever reach for that top shelf item, at the store, only to have your shirt come back down over pistol grip and holster? Happened to me at King Soopers today. I had two issues here- first is the lack of CCW (don't need to be told to get that, thanks) and second- there were people...
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    OC at The Belmar, Lakewood

    imported post The Story The Belmar shopping center is here in red on the map. They have festive, Christmas lights along every way. My girlfriend and I live a block away and decided to go for a walk and get some coffee. We parked at that red star there on the map. We were on the other side of...
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    Open Carry and State Registered Medical Cannabis

    imported post What are the implications of legally carrying cannabis while legally openly carrying a pistol? From what I can gather- technically- these two cannot be combined and misconstrude as a crime. (Amendment 20) Both are Constitutionally protected rights. What are your opinions all around?
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    Complete Local OC ban list

    imported post I'm new to the forum and new to gun ownership. I have a compact .45 semi automatic pistol. I have had my head buried in the books for days on the subject and I've searched this forum. I cannot seem to find an easy, simple, intuitive list of local ordinances prohibiting open carry...