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  1. J

    Ohioan in Virginia Moving to Georgia

    Good morning all! Some of you may have seen me active in the Virginia forum for years, particularly in the Lynchburg area. Due to a company layoff in November I had to find a new job and I managed to find one in the Augusta area. As a result, I will soon be in Georgia getting to know your...
  2. J

    Gun Related Poll: MSN.com

    See the poll midway down the top of the page. There are a series of gun law polls that require nothing more than checking the box and hitting "vote." www.msn.com
  3. J

    Why Carry a Gun Around the House? Man Returns Fire on Would be Murderer - Lynchburg

    This happened last night in a relatively peaceful area of town. "Lynchburg, Va., (WSET) -- A man was taken into custody early Saturday morning for attempted murder according to Lynchburg Police. Police say they responded to 629 Old Graves Mill Road around 6:28 p.m. in reference to shots...
  4. J

    Campbell County Library System: Firearm Prohibition

    This afternoon my wife was checking out the website of our local library and noticed that the library was attempting to prohibit the possession of firearms in the county libraries. My wife told me and I provided the following e-mail to our library director and copied the county attorney, the...
  5. J

    HB1096: Potential Issues with DGIF Regulatory Authority

    VCDL's Legislation Tracking Tool indicates that VCDL strongly supports HB1096 ( http://leg1.state.va.us/cgi-bin/legp504.exe?161+sum+HB1096 ). I read both the summary and the text of the proposed bill and grew concerned at the carve out for DGIF to promulgate regulations pertaining to hunting...
  6. J

    Fully Intended Consequence of Executive Order 50: 4-H Victimized by McAuliffe

    The VCDL Alert from 2/1/16 (last night) had the story below. Anyone who thinks that this was an unintended consequence of McAuliffe and the anti-civil rights crowd of Virginia is fooling himself / herself. Killing the ability of families and their organizations to enjoy firearms and teach...
  7. J

    Anti-Gun Andy Parker (Pal of Our Dear Governor) Threatens Senator Bill Stanley

    (Snip) Late Tuesday, Parker sent this message to Sen. William M. Stanley Jr. (R-Franklin), via Facebook: “I’m going to be your worst nightmare you little bastard.” “I take this very seriously as a threat against the safety of my family,” said Stanley, who enjoys an A rating from the National...
  8. J

    Poll Time! (Hampton Roads) Should gun owners be required to report missing guns?

    Virginia Beach city government thinks it's the police's business to know what guns you had previously, if you can no longer find them. They are even willing to punish you if you don't tell them, despite not requiring the same of rape victims or others victimized by criminals. It doesn't matter...
  9. J

    Sprint Corporate Store (Lynchburg): Circle & Slash Gun Sign

    The wife and I dropped by both of our local Sprint stores yesterday to address a phone issue and then look at new phones. Over the years we've been in both and have never had the first issue while carrying. The franchise store had no postings and the workers were quite pleasant. However...
  10. J

    Belk Department Stores Consider Gun Ban: Please Contact (Info from VCDL)

    This afternoon the Virginia Citizen's Defense League (VCDL) provided the following information in the VA-Alert (regular e-mail) regarding Belk Department Stores considering a change in their gun policies. Several ways are provided to politely contact Belk to encourage them to continue to allow...
  11. J

    VCDL Action Item: Belk Considering Gun Ban, Please Contact!

    From the VCDL VA-Alert 8/12/2014: I have information from an inside source that Belk is considering changing their policy on guns in their stores. Let’s contact Belk and let them know that we do not patronize stores that have gun bans. Most stores do not ban the lawful carry of firearms into...
  12. J

    MSNBC Poll: Do You Agree With Targets New Gun Request?

    http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/target-aims-stop-customers-carrying-guns I know what my thoughts are. Hit it ladies and gentlemen.
  13. J

    Poll Time! If a business owner bans guns are you more / less likely to visit?

    I'm certainly less likely, but you can vote as you wish for the gun owner's friends at the Lynchburg News & Advance. (Seriousness and sarcasm here. Hope you can detect which fits where. :) )...
  14. J

    Lynchburg OC Lunch: 12 (noon) @ Vinny's on Wards Rd on Saturday March 8, 2014.

    Howdy all, it's time we had ourselves another get together. We've met at Vinny's before and the management and staff have always been welcoming, so let's get back there for some lunch and time together. If you can make it we'd love to have you as some of the last lunches or dinners were very...
  15. J

    Roanoke Intruder Shot and Killed Overnight

    ROANOKE, Va. - A resident shot and killed a suspected robber at a Roanoke apartment complex Thursday night. ...Police believe the incident started as an attempted home invasion robbery. I'll be interested to see what Roanoke police will do to the resident who apparently was forced into a...
  16. J

    Lynchburg OC Lunch: Saturday 8/10/13 12:30 pm @ Texas Roadhouse on Ward's Rd.

    It's been quite some time since we've had a coordinated OC lunch here in the 'Burg, so if you can find time out of your day for lunch this upcoming Saturday let us know in advance that you can make it and I'll do the calling ahead to ensure we have seats set up for all of us to sit together and...
  17. J

    Friend or Foe Website Gets National Attention (Established by One of Our Own)

    National Review Online covers the story and blends it with Tom Gresham's discovery of the hostility of the Wounded Warrior Project to gun owners and gun companies: http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/343230/gun-owners-separate-friends-foes-frank-miniter Snip: Chris Walsh didn’t set out to...
  18. J

    Who Needs A Gun In Church?

    http://www.wset.com/story/19972359/police-investigate-armed-robbery-at-church-in-roanoke-co Apparently some Lutherans in Roanoke could've benefitted by having one last night.
  19. J

    Who else needs a gun at Virginia Tech.: Overnight abduction attempt

    Police say at around 2:15 a.m. Friday a woman was walking across Henderson Lawn toward Alumni Mall, when she was approached by two men..... http://www.wset.com/story/18914481/virginia-tech-police-investigating
  20. J

    Lynchburg OC Lunch, Saturday 6/23/12 @ Noon! Choice Hibachi Buffet on Wards Rd

    Howdy y'all let's get together for lunch again on Saturday June 23 at Noon over at Choice Hibachi Buffet (2623 Wards Rd, Lynchburg, VA 24502) http://www.choicehibachibuffet.com/ We've been here before for an OC dinner and the place is OC friendly, with reasonable prices and decent food...