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  1. Riana

    KYS Training 2014 Calendar

    The training calendar for the first quarter of 2014 is live: http://www.kys-training.com/#!schedule/cee5 New classes will be added for the second quarter, so stay tuned.
  2. Riana

    Interesting OC Experience in Keene

    Here I am, minding my own business, sitting with my husband and son in the Starbucks on Main Street. I had several things to take care of, as our vacation plans have been drastically altered by a broken-down vehicle, and needed internet access to handle them. A man came up to me, pointed at my...
  3. Riana

    Virginia Commerce Bank = No Carry Zone?

    Well, after a week, I finally got my response. For reference, I mailed a copy of the letter sent to the Manassas branch manager (see the first post in this thread), along with the following letter, to corporate. I didn't have an individual to send it to at the time, so I addressed it to...
  4. Riana

    Virginia Commerce Bank = No Carry Zone?

    I recently had an interesting open-carry experience at the Virginia Commerce Bank in Manassas: http://forum.opencarry.org/forums/showthread.php?38118-Open-Carry-in-NoVA-(Northern-Virginia)&p=1840484#post1840484 I have finally finished the letter to the manager, and it will hit the mail...
  5. Riana

    Derrick Hunter sues Maryland Small Arms Range over 'Ladies' Day" promotion

    Has it really come to this in MD? http://www.wjla.com/articles/2012/08/derrick-hunter-sues-maryland-small-arms-range-over-ladies-day-promotion--79055.html
  6. Riana

    Walmart in Keene

    So who did I see there last weekend? I was visiting the area over Easter Break, and we went to WalMart in Keene on Saturday to pick up a few last minute things. I noticed a gentleman OCing in the Sporting Goods department. I said, "It's good not to be the only one." He and his wife had...
  7. Riana

    I am soooo happy to oc now

    There certainly aren't many of us ladies who OC routinely. I think I've only met a handful myself. I've only posed for a couple of OC photos:
  8. Riana

    Traffic Stop / Police Encounter in Alstead

    Well, first time I've ever been stopped in NH, and first time I've ever been stopped while armed. I crossed the double yellow line trying to avoid a car that was sticking out in the road, and then saw blue lights in the rear view. :banghead: The officer came up and asked if I knew why he'd...
  9. Riana

    In Your Neighborhood Again

    OK, fellas - I'm up here in NH for a month this time. Other than attending the Appleseed shoot in Pelham on the 6th/7th, I've got no firm plans other than house things. Any suggestions on activities for a middle-aged lady and her 11-year-old son? We're in the Keene area, generally, but I'm...
  10. Riana

    So What's The Status?

    I lost track... did Constitutional Carry die in committee?
  11. Riana

    Coming To Visit

    ... and wondering if there are any OC events or such planned in southwestern NH next week. I'm spending Easter Break at my place up there, and while I do OC frequently, I was wondering if there was an OC lunch/dinner or something the family can go to.
  12. Riana

    Non-Resident Permit Wait?

    Anyone know the approximate wait time on a non-resident permit? I know it was ridiculous - has it improved with the fee increase slowing down demand?
  13. Riana

    Coming to visit WV this weekend

    imported post We're bringing our California visitors to your neck of the woods this weekend (we love the Harper's Ferry Flea Market, and the races at Charles Town). I have a VA CHP - any reason I can't CC the entire trip? Any rules/laws I should be aware of?
  14. Riana

    What Would You Do?

    imported post OK, I'm going to a conference this weekend in Southern VA. I planned to OC while en route, and lock my sidearm in the in-room safe while there (due to wardrobe restrictions, I have no way to carry at the conference itself, even concealed). Problem is, I've found out the rooms...