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    Zombie cows & other related trivia

    Hi, fellas. Soooo much water has passed under the bridge these many years. In an idle moment this evening, I asked myself, "why not check in on OCDO?" Of course, that engendered the next question to myself, "which thread?" Could there be any other response than the thread that never actually...
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    "Brandishing" as justification for LEO's use of deadly force

    Stop it. You're in danger of me offering to marry you daughter.
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    "Brandishing" as justification for LEO's use of deadly force

    Thanks, Doug. Nice to see you, too.
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    "Brandishing" as justification for LEO's use of deadly force

    Only a guy like you could pull me out of "retirement". (Readers should understand that I say that with tongue firmly planted in cheek. Not because of my grey hair and long absence from this forum, but because near as I can tell he's retired twice from two very productive professions. Plus, he...
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    Anniversary Today; Gov't Grabbed More Power

    My hat is off to the fellow who alerted me to this. I name and link him below. Today is the anniversary of an incident where government grabbed more power. "Yawn", you say? "Which day of the year is left when government did not grab more power?", you ask? "There are only 365 days in a year...
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    Favor Owed--Fourth Amendment dot Com

    Several years ago, the host of FourthAmendment.com, an experienced litigator and criminal defense attorney, commented favorably on a post of mine. Here is my chance to repay the favor. Below is a quote from his blog which follows 4th Amendment (search and seizure) cases around the country...
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    Shower Gun

    I just stumbled across this, fellas. Hilarity warning: just sit down on the floor now, before clicking play--because you're going to fall in the floor laughing before the end of the clip. I needed an oxygen bottle, myself--I was suffocating with laughter. Of course, there is a very serious...
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    An Important Analysis for Any Practitioner

    Those are the words of John Wesley Hall. I've been reading this fella's search-and-seizure blog for years. When Mr. Hall makes that kind of comment, I sit up and take notice. Want a fast breakdown of your rights during a police encounter? Want to know where the boundaries are? Want to get a...
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    225th Anniversary of the Bill of Rights

    Whew! I almost forgot! But, made it in just under the wire by a few hours. Hopefully, readers will discover this thread with just enough time left in their evening for a private, inward celebration. ------------------------------------------ December 15th, 1791. The Bill of Rights is...
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    For the Southern Boys Among Us

    Fellas, I stumbled across this tonight. I have to say it is now my favorite version. Ordinarily, I drink my whiskey straight, with a piece of ice. After listening to this, I think most Southern boys will understand why my whiskey tonight was a bit diluted...
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    Six Medals in Six Olympics

    Our shooter has medaled in six consecutive Olympics. Yet, she is all but ignored. Thank god for the internet and the alternative media, or I never would have known. http://takimag.com/article/muzzled_joe_bob_briggs/print#axzz4IRnpSe7o
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    We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident...

    This summer marks my tenth anniversary of interest in gun rights. Think back to the summer of '06 when immigration was the social hot topic, and the UN was moving against possession of small arms. A lot of water has passed under the bridge for me. A lot of reading about history and rights...
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    Democratic Restores Rights to Felons

    Oh ho ho ho. http://wtop.com/virginia/2016/04/mcauliffe-restores-voting-rights-to-200000-felons/ Now, of course, we all know that Carpetbagger Terry cannot over-ride federal law against felons possessing guns (more's the pity). And, I conclude he was just restoring rights to get more...
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    Best Wishes This Easter

    May you find peace in Christ's demonstration of The Resurrection--that a man has the capacity for Eternal Life, that the thing behind the eyes that is aware of itself is immortal. And, may you find peace in Christ's message of Redemption. May your reflections bear fruit and bring you new...
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    Self-Ejecting Revolver? Hilarity!

    Put down beverages; cover your keyboards! No. Really. I mean it. If anybody can screenshot this before it disappears, please do. http://wtop.com/virginia/2016/03/warrant-shell-casing-found-on-fleeing-virginia-mans-body/ This story has been "developing" for the last few days. Earlier...
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    Justice Thomas Breaks Silence: Tough Questions About Gun Rights

    NOTE: I do not consume CNN. The local news station website I check dropped the story; couldn't even find it with their search feature. So, I had to google for it. The link above is the first return I got.
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    Defense Atty Weighs In on Talking to Police After Shooting

    The attorney is Marc Victor. Actually, the article is about more than just talking to police after a defensive shooting. The entire article is a good read. Here are a few points from the article that jumped out at me: Marc Victor writes, "Most of the police officers I have discussed this...
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    Anniversary: End of Divine Right of Kings

    Today, Jan 30, marks the 367th anniversary of the execution of King Charles I of England. Several years earlier, his disagreements with Parliament flared into civil war. Charles I lost the war and was placed under house arrest. While under house arrest, Charles wrote letters inspiring the...
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    KY Court Calls Foul On Cop Who Seized a Gun to Run the Serial Number

    Defendant was stopped at a roadblock. After checking, the officer handed back his paperwork, but then the cop noticed defendant’s handgun on the console. The officer reached in and seized it. The court found the detention was not legally justified, and reversed his conviction for disorderly...
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    Stand By to Shoot Down the Lie

    Here in the DC area there is a radio station with the call sign WTOP. It is all news, traffic, and weather. No music. They just ran a report on the source of most of the guns used in crimes in Baltimore. The reporter said that according to government figures, such-and-such quantity of guns...