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  1. Bill Starks

    Kentucky Gun Laws

    Since my private message fell on deaf ears a month or so ago, I thought a public message might be a way to get the OP to acknowledge and maybe we could work together to fix the issue. ...just saying
  2. Bill Starks

    Kentucky Gun Laws

    Since the introduction of Constitutional Carry, some of the info on the first page needs updating.
  3. Bill Starks

    Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement Spreads To Kentucky

    Legally it has no bearing but if enough counties pass such an ordinance it shows the elected reps where we stand on firearms. Hardan county was the first. My county (Hopkins) will be voting on it Jan 21st. Myself and 2 others sat down with the Judge Executive and the Sheriff to discuss the...
  4. Bill Starks

    West Kentucky meetups??

    I know the thread is 5+ years old and we are nearing the holidays but if anyone wants to get together let me know. I moved back to Kentucky (Madisonville area) a few years ago and was very active in Washington state.
  5. Bill Starks

    Constitutional Carry Bill Filed in Ky. Senate

    Once the Governor signs off on the bill, how long till it actually takes effect?
  6. Bill Starks

    Jim Beal (DEROS72) has passed away

    Jim's services will be held on December 20th.
  7. Bill Starks

    Jim Beal (DEROS72) has passed away

    Jim Beal, a huge advocate for guns rights and Open Carry has passed. He will be greatly missed for his endeavors in the gun rights community and that as a great friend. Rest in Peace My Friend.
  8. Bill Starks

    No guns sign, Madisonville, Hopkins county clerk building

    Sign has been removed but I still haven't received an email from the fiscal court or her. However I'll take the sign being remove as a sign of progress.
  9. Bill Starks

    No guns sign, Madisonville, Hopkins county clerk building

    This building is a block away from the court house and is the office that issues license plates. Today upon arrival there is now a no guns sticker on the door glass. I've been out of the process for a while if I remember correctly 1) they are not a court house and 2) they can't regulate open...
  10. Bill Starks

    Experts say gun violence is public health crisis (Here we go..... it's coming)

    Rally the troops boys & girls because believe me, it's gonna get ugly. If you don't talk to the representatives and these folks get a foothold they won't take an inch, they will go for the entire farm.... I left Washington State over this crap and I be damned if I'm going to just let them get a...
  11. Bill Starks

    National 2A Rights Rally (All State Capitols)

    I'm just re-posting and other than reading the info as you will be doing, I don't have any info on this group. I use to work many of the rally's in Washington State at the capitol and have some experience in running the audio/video production. At this time I don't have access to any of the...
  12. Bill Starks

    visiting Louisville

    I'll be visiting the VA in Louisville on Friday the 9th. If anyone near the area would like to meet up for a late lunch or early dinner let me know. Text or call 253 six six six 2971 -Bill.
  13. Bill Starks

    Change in policy - South Hill Mall, Puyallup

    It's about time.... Weapons are prohibited except as authorized by state and federal law
  14. Bill Starks

    OC Washington Equipment and Web Sites needs a new handler

    June 1st I will be on the road back to Kentucky, for good. There are some Open Carry websites and equipment that I need to turn over to a responsible member. OC banner with Gun Show tub & Armed Volunteer Litter Crew Sign as well as the road equipment used for the Litter Crews. Someone will...
  15. Bill Starks

    Here I come... June 1st

    After 29 years of living in Washington State, I'll be moving back to Kentucky (near Madisonville / Hopkinsville). Let me know how I can help as I am in the process of turning over all the Washington stuff over to another person. See you soon.
  16. Bill Starks

    It's Official - Moving

    Update 5/20/2015 Zach Ashby will be taking over the Litter Clean up. He runs Tacoma Open Carry site on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/808573605830991/ SAF is taking over the website(s) Washingtongunrights.com & .net They will also pay the next 2 years for the website Opencarry...
  17. Bill Starks

    Don't OC on Federal Property

    Chief US District Court Judge Rosanna Malouf Peterson amendment 18 U.S. Code § 930 (f) and extended General Order 13-54-1 to include standing on Federal Property with weapons and not just entering buildings with weapons on March 2, 2015. This is "our" Government setting up the protesters that...
  18. Bill Starks

    Oregon CHL - April 11/12th

    Tacoma Dome Gun Show will once again have Sheriff Dickerson on hand to issue Oregon Concealed Handgun Licenses to Washington residents. Cost is $75 and includes fingerprints and photo. ($65 plus $10 admin fee). This year you won't have to stand in line for hours as the promoter (Wes Knodels)...
  19. Bill Starks

    New Print Run - Open Carry Pamphlets (GoFundMe)

    http://www.gofundme.com/WGRpamphlet It's time to do another print run of pamphlets. To get 15,000 I'm going to need about $700.00, so I'm asking for extra help. Any excess funds that I receive will go to the other 2A groups in the area. Bill current OC Gun Rights Pamphlet (some update changes...
  20. Bill Starks

    2015 Second Sunday Breakfast Meet

    April 12th was my last breakfast meet as I am moving out of state. If someone wants to pick this up, contact the manager and set the schedule. I had him remove the event from his schedule so they would not have extra staff on hand and them not needed. Hawks Prairie Restaurant and Sports Bar...