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  1. J

    Any more free hand gun classes

    I was wondering if we were still offering free hand gun classes?
  2. J

    loaded car carry

    I just seen on the news ch-3 nov 1 you can have a loaded, uncased handgun in a car in plane view not with in reach? Lot of good that will do in my back seat!
  3. J

    1000 ft of school

    I just read on channel 3000 web sight gov will sign the bill, but it still says not within 1000 ft of a school. Am I missing some thing? HOPE NOT!! If someone really knows the bill says, let me know thanks. Jeff
  4. J

    Cc by schools

    Do we still have to stay 1000 feet from schools with a permit?
  5. J

    Contact your assembly rep asap

    THE Madison liberals and police and sheriff want to post No Firearms signs all over so any cc bill will do us no good. They are going to raise Hell before Tuesday to try to mess up the cc bill. Please contact your reps ASAP.
  6. J

    Recall Walker

    Now we the people should start the recall of walker the gun owners all, groups because he betrayed us all. A good cc law or no law, start sending letters and phone calls to Scott walker the trader asap.
  7. J

    Question on posting no guns

    I just found out that in Milton WI the Police have ben going around to stores etc asking them if they want no guns sign for there door, I don't think they can do that,any one know?
  8. J

    Culvers Meet and Greet Need to know a number planning to come.

    Culvers just called ,they welcome us but they can not handle over 80 to 100 in a group so please e mail me jsniles@charter.net so i can give them a number next Friday. this is for the Feb 13-12-PM Culvers in Neville WI thanks Jeff Niles .
  9. J

    New meet and Eat at Culvers in Newville

    I am checking on a Meet and Eat in Culvers in Newville wis on I 90 exit 163.Close to Madison so may be some of the new people can come down, Thay have a room for 100 we can get, Time 12;00-3;00 Sunday in Feb will see if they will let us i will know tomorrow,what do you all think? Jeff Niles ps...
  10. J

    No open carry at blackhawk credit unions

    Just got news letter from credit union ,new policy no guns.Called the president no call back yet? We may have to put pressure on them.
  11. J

    Boycott Milton Store's OC Unfriendly

    Subway: 709 S Janesville St Milton, WI 53563 (608) 868-9777 Milton Family Restaurant: 541 Vernal Ave Milton, WI 53563 (608) 868-4611 Piggly Wiggly: 727 S Janesville St Milton, WI 53563 (608) 868-7900
  12. J

    OC press Janesville

    The Janesville paper is going to do a story on me open carrying in a store, they are going with me to get pics for the story
  13. J

    Oc in milton

    Last night i was oc in milton with my xdm-9mm and german shepard,a cop went by but i dont think he seen my gun,then on the way back a cop pulled in to ace hard ware parking lot turned around and stoped at the side walk,i walked 2 feet in front of his car gun on his side, i didnt look at him i...