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  1. civilwarguy

    Waukesha Gun Show Employees

    Rather than writing out this twice i will just post the letter to the owner of the co. that puts this show on it explains what happened. Bob, I feel it is only right to make you aware of the actions of your employees. My girlfriend and I attended your show in Waukesha on 9/17. When we...
  2. civilwarguy

    I am starting to like this guy.....

    Maybe its just me but this guy seems like atleast he will scare some WAVE members if he gets elected... Any thoughts? http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/elected-president-rick-perry-could-still-jog-gun-190824495.html
  3. civilwarguy

    Are there times when not carrying is ok?

    I carry as much as i can but i saw this idea on another forum when someone was looking for ideas on how to "carry" in the shower and personally think it is a bit overkill......anyone agree?
  4. civilwarguy

    Open Carry Picnic/Get Togeather 8/13

    Ok so an idea that was brought up at the last starbucks get togeather in delavan was a BBQ and seems to have a lot of interest so i am willing to spear head this and see if we can do it in a park in delavan so that families could bring their kids to play on the playground and all that fun stuff...
  5. civilwarguy

    IL FOID List public

    http://www.illinoispolicy.org/blog/blog.asp?ArticleSource=3914 Do we need any other reason to say we dont want permits?
  6. civilwarguy

    Apt. Building Open Carry

    So i ran into an interesting situation today and not sure how the laws apply to it. I live in a apt. building and i know i can carry in my own apt. being that it is a private residence however my neighbor has a problem with me OC and is threatening to call the landloard cause i OC to take out...