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    Evergreen State Fair in Monroe

    imported post There have been some occasional questions over the years about carrying at the Evergreen State Fair. I figure since it's county property and a county event, it must not be able to ban carry under state law, and if it can, I'm excempt from the restriction as a CPL holder. I had no...
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    Some Perspective: The end of "The Departed"

    imported post I recently saw "The Departed" on DVD, and its ending scene is basically a rapid execution of every major character. An elevator opens, and a guy is shot in the head. The second guy in the elevator peers out, and just as he's about to get shot, the shooter gets it from around the...
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    Two Self-Defense Shootings in WA

    imported post I bring you two stories of self-defense from the Seattle Times. Story 1: Two die in Lewis County shooting In this story, a homeowner is visited by an old"friend" and three people he didn't know. The friend and two others distracted him while the third broke into his gun safe. He...
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    King County Experiences

    imported post Carrying in King County so far has not gotten me in any trouble. I find that it provides me with ample opportunity to chat with folks that I meet and share the fact that carrying a pistol is actually legal, and that it doesn't have to be concealed. I'm generally happy to talk...