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  1. HPmatt

    What is going on w Old Dominion? Is Bob Good going good-bye?

    The only news I've seen on Bob Good is from WaPo, NYT, and looks like a bunch of Gannett type newrags. Haven't been in Va for about 10 years, keeping head down working in Texas, Mexico's newest state, so wondering if anyone in VA can give some insight into whats really going on? Around 2012 it...
  2. HPmatt

    Open carry in California National Forests--now that AB 144 is law

    In Seattle, only brought Pepper Spray and a good knife, so they can find me here b4 I make it into Canada…
  3. HPmatt

    Open carry in California National Forests--now that AB 144 is law

    Hey folks - visiting CA - Fresno to be thrillingly precise, and wanted to know are pistols even legal there? Reciprocity with Texas? Let alone OC.... Haven't seen a recent thread that includes any of the new typically crazy laws there. non-Lead bullets, bio-diverse gunpowder, qr coded ammo...
  4. HPmatt

    Now Legal to Carry in NY

    Lots of attorneys are going to avoid the 'Biggest Recession in History of 2022' by 'helping you out' and appealing your arrest, and conviction, and appeals. Doesn't look like you'll advance to SCOTUS, they're already swatting down the various Appellate court rulings in pending cases.....from...
  5. HPmatt

    Best wishes to John Wesley Hall, Esq. Fourth Amendment .com. Long hospitalized.

    While from a zombie precursor site, you will not find ANY site on the internet that carries a more 'nuanced' and 'in-depth' discussion of nudist OC that OpenCarry.org..... https://www.thehighroad.org/index.php?threads/concealed-carry-at-nudist-camp.19897/
  6. HPmatt

    Defund the LE agencies...might save some $$$

    Maybe he was practicing to be a lawyer???
  7. HPmatt

    ah, a young pro police civilian militia wantabe guards the community

    Maybe he identifies with Prince Estabrook, the first African American killed at Lexington that day. I saw the charges from the DA, don’t seem to be effective against self defense with two dead felons with video of them both with hands on the rifle, and the perp shot in the arm with a pistol in...
  8. HPmatt

    "You'll be the first one shot!" You're welcome.

    Been awhile....I’m still here, but miss a lot of those that have gone to meet their maker...will see them soon...
  9. HPmatt

    Why didn't someone carrying in that Texas Wal-Mart interviene to stop that mass shooting?

    Waco certainly has a record of LE gun abuse. McClennan county taxpayers are probably still paying for the Twin Peaks Knob Creek night fire exercise. Of course you've got the Branch Davidians and the CJ Grisham. Family lives in El Paso and bulk of El Pasoans they talked to believed the Media...
  10. HPmatt

    An Introduction to Constitutional Law. 100 SCOTUS cases everyone should know

    Here’s an excerpt from Nick Bunker’s book on Franklin (in 1729 where Benjamin Franklin was writing in his Pennsylvania Gazette. about the late NY royalist Governor Burnett’s anti-liberty tendencies): The corrosive effects of power to corrupt men into despots is still an issue today as it was...
  11. HPmatt

    Well seems Homeland’s guidance on shool intruders is passe...

    How about they draw pictures of guns and bullets....I remember drawing tanks and stukas...and machine guns, a few hand grenades... Who was it suggested they throw hockey pucks...
  12. HPmatt

    Open carry permit/concealed

    I've got my Texas LTC and remember driving thru TN - that it is dependent on the officer asking to see the license. So you don't think Military ID would work? Hopefully it lists your legal name....
  13. HPmatt

    Walmart requesting no one open carry in stores

    I hear Walmart et al will be getting life-size cardboard cut-outs of Beto O'Rourke with verbiage 'GIVE ME YOUR GUN'......'OR ELSE'....
  14. HPmatt

    An Introduction to Constitutional Law. 100 SCOTUS cases everyone should know

    You've got Nigel Farage in the England right now making this very same point - do away with the House of Lords and replace it with a Senate. English Parliament ignored the vote of the people in 2016 to LEAVE the EU. PM David Cameron said results of Referendum w/b final and binding....except...
  15. HPmatt

    D. C. ‘AK’ shooters sought

    Didn't know 'Time Magazine' is now the DC Metro section....How far they've sunk...now competing with TMZ...
  16. HPmatt

    Hamburg Wal-Mart. OC'er tresspassed from ALL Wal-Marts.

    I open carry at Walmart, but typically in the store early morning, with just workers stocking shelves, never had an issue here in Dallas.
  17. HPmatt

    Good Samaritan [?] cited going armed to terror

    Would NC law allow him to shoot at the robber in his/her car? Robber is in control of a deadly weapon. No charges then.
  18. HPmatt

    BREAKING: Confirmed active shooter at Walmart near Cielo Vista Mall, El Paso

    Wife was visiting family in ELP, they were in Old Mesilla when this happened. A lot of El Pasoans blame it on Trump making such a big deal about illegals. They have the wall now, which dropped auto theft by about 80%, but I guess they are not smart enough to uunderstand their democrat US reps...
  19. HPmatt

    el paso shooting (talking about facebook/media coverage)

    From family in El Paso I understand the shooter ran out of bullets, then was captured. Reports of 1-3,000 people in the store, since it is down the highway from Fort Bliss, you would think there w/b some off duty military carrying, let alone folks with concealed carry permits.
  20. HPmatt

    4 dead, including shooter, during attack at Gilroy Garlic Festival.

    Fox News said the shooter, a young cis-male dressed in camo, got in to the secure and police protected gun-free festival with a semi-automatic rifle, through a cut in the unguarded but 100% post-consumer recycled and carbon neutral double-strand 8’ tall chicken-wire back fence. Gilroy police...