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    Supreme Court Ruling Might be a gun lover's dream

    I believe the author of this article might be onto something....Thoughts?? http://constitutionalrightspac.com/articles/scotus-ruling-on-same-sex-marriage-mandates-nationwide-concealed-carry-reciprocity
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    Supreme Court Ruling on Amendment 5

    What are your thoughts on the length of time the Court has taken on it's ruling on Amendment 5. I have nothing to base this on, but to me it seems taking this long is not a good sign....thought?
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    Lake Ozark Police Chief

    Lake Ozark not playing nice again. Lake Ozark Police Chief and I have talked three times on the phone since November> My original question was "What training are you providing to your officers now that Amendment 5 has become the law of the land." At first the Chief was very cooperative and said...
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    Something to think about!!!!

    After the shellacking I took on my last post I thought I would try again. I assumed at a point in time all of us on an opening carry forum would be supportive of anyone in our group that exposed a liberal leaning lying gun shop owner and took the initiative to address them. But much to my...
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    I was just asked to leave Target Master Gun Shop in Columbia, Mo.

    I posted this to another post but I thought it was important enough that I post it again here. I just got kicked out of Target Masters Gun Shop in Columbia. I went their open carrying and as soon as I opened the door I saw Jim Hill, the guy that give the interview on KRCG news yesterday. I told...
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    Columbia gun store guy doesn't like SB656 passing

    Just watched KRCG (TV station)out of Jeff City. They interviewed a guy named Jim Hill, identified as a firearm instructor that was working at a gun store in Columbia. He was totally against the passage of SB656! Said that people that open carry are stupid, causing problems with the police in...
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    Pistol Plus in Osage Beach did not know about Amendment 5

    I went to Pistol Plus Gun Shop today to see what they were doing to help pass Amendment 5. Much to my surprise Jim (and I made sure it was Jim this time) knew nothing about the amendment........ I asked to talk to the owners but they were not there, so I left my name and number, have not heard...
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    Check for Votes for Amendment #5

    I was sitting on my porch when I looked over at my neighbor and thought surely he is going to vote for Amendment #5. I wasn't going to take a chance he wouldn't so I went over and asked. To my surprise he was all for it but had not registered to vote since moving from another county. So I told...
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    Missouri Supreme Court Dismisses case on Ballot Issue

    Supreme Court dismisses appeal on gun amendment KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — The wording cannot be changed just three weeks before Missouri's primary election on a ballot measure asking voters to declare in the state Constitution that the right to bear arms is "unalienable," the state Supreme Court...
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    2nd Amendment takes a hit in Lake Ozark.

    Our Constitution took a hit tonight at the Lake Ozark, Mo. city council meeting. By a vote of 4-2 the council voted that Lake Ozark has no need for the 2nd Amendment within the city limits, open carrying a firearm is now Prohibited. Members cited that they are afraid of guns and see no reason...
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    Lake Ozark, Mo. is trying to pass an ordinance that would prohibit open carrying

    Lake Ozark is in the process of passing an ordinance against open carrying of a firearm. I attended the council meeting held for the second reading of the ordinance on May 27th. I and a couple of others spoke in opposition of it and I will do so again at the next scheduled meeting June 10th at...
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    2nd Amendment Preservation Act

    Sitting here debating if it is really worth going to the Capitol tomorrow. Two of our own let us down last year and now the bill sponsor thinks it is best to have the bill take effect Jan. 01, 2017. Either you believe in this bill or you don't.
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    Selling pistols on radio shows.

    We have a radio show that allows people to phone in and sell stuff. They will not allow the sale of handguns on the show saying that they can't be the middle man without an FFL. Is this true, thanks for you time.
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    Long Gun Open Carry

    I read and watched a lot of "engagements" between LEO's and people carrying a long gun. At first I was convinced I liked this activity because it showed those bastards "we" know what we are doing, we have rights. But, when a long gun is worn inside a business that is carry friendly I now think...
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    Disappointment at MidwayUSA, Columbia, Mo.

    Went to MidwayUSA today to pickup a order. At the front door was sign that said: "Do to insurance coverage please ensure your concealed weapon is concealed and please leave your open carry weapon in your vehicle" I was very disappointed that a business that is supported my sportsman and gun...
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    Problems with open carry at BassPro

    You can't make this stuff up. Saturday I went to BassPro in Olathe, Ks as I do every time I visit my daughter. Enter the store with my Ruger SR9 on my right hip at about the 4 o'clock position as always. Get to the top of the stairs where the guns and ammo are located and then it happens....a...
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    HB 436 Wording

    I was reading HB 436 today and came upon the following: " 3. (1) All federal acts, laws, orders, rules, and regulations, whether past, present, or future, which infringe on the people's right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and...
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    New Member

    Hello, My wife and I have always been around guns. It has just been in the last few years that we both felt we needed to do more than just talk about how we felt about the deterioration our Second Amendment Rights going on in our great Nation, We have been to Jefferson City several times over...