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    Wisconsin 2nd amendment rally pictures

    I put some of my rally pictures on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/2ndamendpicswi
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    Will your state reps allow CC in their capitol offices?

    I emailed both my state reps asking if they will allow CC in their capitol office. Dick Spanbauer, 53rd assembly replied... "I don't believe we have anything to worry about with the new law. If someone desired to inflict harm with a gun they wouldn't let the law keep them from carrying out...
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    Fond du Lac considering posting city buildings

    The city of Fond du Lac is considering posting all their buildings. They have not yet made a decision. Among the interesting quotes as reported in the Fond du Lac Reporter ( www.fdlreporter.com ): From the fire chief: If someone has a weopon we would not transport the patient to the hospital...
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    Visit your legislators office Nov. 1st

    For those of us going to Madison on November 1st, how about stopping by your legislators offices and voice your opinions on castle / stand your ground legislation!
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    Stand your ground

    Which states have a "stand your ground" doctrine? Any of them better than others? I would like to use this info when contacting my representatives.
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    Which states considering constitutional carry

    Which states are now considering constitutional carry? I want to use this info when contacting my representatives.
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    WCI members must be united!

    We are coming upon a critical time in our quest for choice carry. Right now we are speaking with too many voices, going in too many different directions. We need to speak as one voice. I would like to see us develop a common letter that all members can send to their state reps which outlines...