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  1. Grapeshot

    Oct RVA OC Dinner

    We have talked about where, but no decision was announced. Sooo, executive decision: The October 9th OC dinner will be at Hibachi Sushi And Supreme Buffet 8087 W Broad St
  2. Grapeshot

    RVA open carry breakfast Sat 9/29

    Will be at Shoney's (8415 West Broad Street) at 8:30 am. DoubleTap will will be there illuminating the establishment with her radiance.
  3. Grapeshot

    Favorite snack foods

    STAX by Lay's is cheaper than Pringles and far better tasting. You can't eat just one. My favorite flavor sensation is Mesquite Barbecue. I buy them 4 packs at a time and get very nervous when I open the last on hand tube. Another favorite is any of the flavors of Bauducco sugar wafer cookies...
  4. Grapeshot

    OCing in RVA

    In no particular order, places I have OCd in the last few days; Golden Corral on Providence Rd and Burger King near by. Wa-Wa and CVS on Rt 10. Pepsi Cola bottling plant in Mechanicsville. Wal-Mart on Memory Lane and Sheila Rd. Lowe's in Chester on Rt 10. Dollar General on RT 10. Food...
  5. Grapeshot

    OC breakfast 9/23 Sun RVA

    Will be at Golden Corral on Gaskins Road when they open at 7:00 am to begin my outside OC day. Come join the festivities.e
  6. Grapeshot

    DoubleTap's mother's 90th birthday

    Celebrated her 90th birthday at Olive Guarden on West Broad St. tonight.<br> <br> They came from as far as California and Wisconsin - a good time was had by all.
  7. Grapeshot


    Test. If you do not receive this post or a quote of it, please notify me immediately...:p
  8. Grapeshot

    RVA OC breakfast 9/22

    We'll be at Shoney's on West Broad Street at 7:30 am to destroy the evening fast. 8415 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23229
  9. Grapeshot

    La Rhumba - RVA

    Has anyone been to La Rumba on Jeff Davis across the street from Capt D'S near du Pont? One side is a nightclub. The other is a family style restaurant according to the signs. Object being acceptance of OC in an inviting environment while obtaining good food. Note that I am not of obvious...
  10. Grapeshot

    OC breakfast RVA 9/16, Sunday

    Will be at Denny's 6598 West Broad Street (intersection of Dickens Rd) on Sunday 9/16 at 7:30 am. Great omelettes - a lot of variety. All good. Friendly staff.
  11. Grapeshot

    OC breakfast at Shoney's 9/15/18

    Will be at Shoney's on West Broad Street (intersection with Skipwith) at 7:30 am to start my OC day. Great biscuits-n-gravy and plenty of well done bacon.
  12. Grapeshot

    OC breakfast RVA 9/8 Sat.

    Will be at Shoney's on West Broad Street at 8:30 am to break the evening fast with a nice sit down meal. 8415 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23229 Come join me and watch the theatrics - always good interaction there. DoubleTap will be there.
  13. Grapeshot

    Location assignements - new VSP troopers

    Must new Virginia State Troopers live in an area not familiar to them? Out of town so to speak. I have heard this, but cannot confirm - no linky. :( If this be the case, it would seem the VSP is hiring candidates with less than stellar integrity. Also placing a hardship on family members who...
  14. Grapeshot

    Short notice OC breakfast RVA 9/2/18, Sun. 6:30 am

    Will be at Shoney's on West Broad Street Richmond at about 6:30 am breaking my fast. Come join me and be satisfied by earthly delights and maybe a few bugeyes. This restaurant and the staff are extremely gun friendly and quite knowledgeable.
  15. Grapeshot

    Sept OC dinner

    Time for an executive decision - it is past discussion time. We shall meet Tuesday, Sept 11th at Nick's Roman Terrace - 7:00 pm The food and service are well known. Nick's Roman Terrace Westland Shopping Center 8051 West Broad Street Henrico, VA 23294 (804) 270-2988...
  16. Grapeshot

    Holiday (9/3) breakfast

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  17. Grapeshot

    Sept OC dinner - planning comments

    The date (Tues Sept 11) is rapidly approaching. If there is no consensus/determination from the ad hoc committee, an executive decision will become necessary as time is of the essence. Tomorrow mid morning is my self imposed deadline. Once the announcement thread is posted, this thread will be...
  18. Grapeshot

    Holiday (9/3) breakfast

    Will be having a small intimate OC gathering at Denny's on West Broad Street across from Altria at 9:00 am on Monday 9/3. DoubleTap will be in attendance. Come on out and bring your appetite.
  19. Grapeshot

    Clocks that don't run

    That might be right for clocks that neither tic nor tock, but it doesn't work for clocks that run off speed. They may be correct either once or never IF their speed is constant. If variable, then the possibilities are endless. I said "Clocks" not Glocks - :lol:
  20. Grapeshot

    The truth be told

    Lee Wong had his suspicions, but when his wife gave birth to a small, redhead blue eyed bundle his suspicions became obviously justified. He immediately filed for divorce. You see he knew that two wongs don't make a white.