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  1. DrakeZ07

    The FLag as a political too1 - JUST WRONG!

    This is the only flag that I recognize, love, respect, above ALL ELSE, in terms of loyalty, politics, and allegeince...
  2. DrakeZ07

    It's 9/11 day again.

    Here's a picture to help everyone remember the unforgettable... But seriously, let's all try and remember, the 19 muslims who died on that day, and the sacrifice they made for their chosen God. We will never forget.
  3. DrakeZ07

    A diamond in the rough!

    I am currently moving into my new home, a set of apartments here in Lexington, KY, rgiht off Man O' War between Tates Creek, and Richmond rd, and before moving in, I had thoroughly read the rental, and lease contract, and agreements, finding everything satisfactory. When I first toured the...
  4. DrakeZ07

    SCOTUS makes a good call for once!

    Forty years, and countless battles, and hurdles, all culminate in a victory in the war against anti-LGBT discrimination at the state and federal levels! Despite being happily single, I'm glad the day has come, when the option is there for me to marry the person I may love, in the future if it...
  5. DrakeZ07

    Kentuckian heading to Gettysburg for the Fourth of July

    Howdy folks in PA! I'm traveling up to Gettysburg for the 1st, through till the 5th, doing some camping there with a couple PA friends, and seeing the re-enactments, and such; Read a couple of the threads about non-resident OC, but hoping for more specialized info. Are there any outdoor...
  6. DrakeZ07

    Seriously thinking of doing a bi-monthly BBQ

    Hey guys, while I was packing up my Jeep with my grill, supplies, condiments, and other items that doesn't require being in a fridge over-night, I got to thinking; I -really- love to BBQ, grill, and cook in general. I would like to poke around, and test the waters, to see if I held a...
  7. DrakeZ07

    Cave run Lake, may 25th.

    ***Change of Location!*** **Made a hasty decision, but we'll be at Jacobson Park, from 10am, to 3-4pm! Join us for food and snacks and grilling! Jacobson Park is city owned property, and Open Carry is welcomed!** I'm packing up my barrel grill, and some lawn chairs, along with forty dollars...
  8. DrakeZ07

    So, looking to buy a Deuce.

    No, not a 'Ma Deuce', a Deuce and a half! Being the social lounge, and that I'm bored, kinda wondering if any of you guys have owned, or still own, an old 'Deuce and a half'! I'm currently looking into a couple that are for sale in my area, and I've been wanting one as a recreational vehicle...
  9. DrakeZ07

    The sigh heard across the world.

    Not really, though, more like the sigh heard across the store, or the sigh heard across the waiting line at subway. So last night about 2am I woke up from bed with a growling belly, and a near-empty fridge. Friday's paycheck having been put mostly into buying the tools I need to take out the...
  10. DrakeZ07

    Black powder pistols, anyone?

    I'm too lazy to use a search function, if I even knew where to find it, so if it's already been spoken of here, then let's have another? Ever since I bought my Traditions 1851/58 Remington Navy Cap 'n ball, I've been absolutely in love with it; Firing, reloading, carrying, obsessing, it's my...
  11. DrakeZ07

    LEX airport quickie post

    You are correct as usual, my memory has slipped me a bit with the time. So, I got to the airport, and there are STILL signs on the doors, and every door, stating NO FIREARMS beyond this point. I was about to ignore it, when an LPD officer told me to put my gun in the car or he'd trespass me...
  12. DrakeZ07

    LEX airport quickie post

    Just a quick post I wanted to make; I have to pick up my mother from the LEX/Bluegrass airport tonight at around midnight, and I'll be Open Carrying, gotta find a place to park and walk inside and help her with some excess luggage that she picked up along her vacation out west, and she can't...
  13. DrakeZ07

    The Lexington Center

    Well I parked in the parking lot that has the ky farm bureau insurance booths, behind or in front of rupp arena, not sure which sode is front or back lol, and im waiting for my brother and hos wife to show up to do the fireworks with me. Anyway, while waiting on them, i decided to walk around...
  14. DrakeZ07

    LexPRIDE June 28th.

    If anyone is there, and see's me passing out OC cards and paper sheets with 2A, and gay friendly groups as well as KRS on them, or see's a somewhat gay looking OC'er, then stop and say Hi, or bring me a cold Daiquiri with extra 'juice'! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. DrakeZ07

    Number of CCDW permits increases - WKYT news

    [State specific, not OC-Related, but Gun-related.] http://www.wkyt.com/wymt/home/headlines/Number-of-gun-permits-issued-nearly-quadruples-260693631.html The headline of the article, that I was linked to this morning by my Brother, made it sound like there is a fixed number of CCDW permits...
  16. DrakeZ07

    Senate Bill 60

    Didn't see a post about it here, so here's a bone for all the CC peeps. http://www.wkyt.com/home/headlines/Committee-OKs-bill-to-allow-concealed-guns-in-bars-245093801.html Glad to see the media actually getting this part right, the last time some of the local in-state media mentioned OC...
  17. DrakeZ07

    Facepalming just ain't good enough.

    So! I found out something today. Literally, this morning. In an Email a legal eagle friend sent me. So, make a couple years ago, while at a camping trip with some friends down in the red river gorge. We had all gotten a bit drinky and was enjoying each others company and some cheap beer a...
  18. DrakeZ07

    Ky related: Anyone know a good Gun Smith/customizer?

    I've got someone special who wants their first pistol, problem solved I'm planning on gifting them my old Hi-point .40sw, but they really hate black and silver guns, they want something 'pretty'. I was wondering if any of y'all know of any gun smiths, or people who specialize in customizing...
  19. DrakeZ07

    BBC: NSA surveillance lawful, judge rules.

    Posted in the Social Lounge because not-gun related, also, didn't see any threads about it. -------- http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/25529677 I think that's a Fair-use Quote, but don't quote me on that :P --- Isn't it amazing that a Foreign news service does a better job of reporting on U.S. news...
  20. DrakeZ07

    Happy Holiday!

    Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Murry Yiffsmas, Happy Hanuka, Krazy Kwanza, Rumbly Ramadan, Sunny Solstice, and a Naughty Saturnalia! Now if you'll excuse me, I got a ham to cook and two cute guys to play 'unwrap' hehehe!