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  1. ocholsteroc

    Laws in VA about getting stopped - road block - check point - DUI ?

    I watched a few videos lately about people getting stopped by police and refusing to take DUI breaths, how to handle cops, protect yourself from 4th abuses. What can we do/refuse in VA when a cop stops us? I know I don't have to tell him where I am going, and I too crack my window 2-3 inches...
  2. ocholsteroc

    VA law with church that runs schools ? how to write to AG?

    http://leg1.state.va.us/cgi-bin/legp504.exe?000+cod+18.2-308.1 § 18.2-308.1. Possession of firearm, stun weapon, or other weapon on school property prohibited. If you go to a church and don't know they run a school could they charge you with gun on school grounds or they can't because of this...
  3. ocholsteroc

    Cops OCING Banned from Denny's

    http://www.examiner.com/article/cops-banned-from-denny-s-belleville-police-chief-stages-boycott Wow now even cops get asked to leave in no gun policy? I wonder if they would get charged with something if they got a 911 call there?:uhoh:
  4. ocholsteroc

    Carrying while having sample drink "wine" in super market? VA Code

  5. ocholsteroc

    Who needs a gun in VB? Robbery suspect shot and killed

    http://www.wavy.com/dpp/news/local_news/va_beach/robbery-suspect-shot-and-killed Robbery suspect shot and killed
  6. ocholsteroc

    Any state laws forbid university carry? legislative 2013

    I know legislative 2013 is coming up, and last year we had a few bills about college carry, but they got pushed to 2013. My question is is there currently any state law that forbids carry on college ground/building/events? What would the new laws allow/over what we have now? I could not find...
  7. ocholsteroc

    Mitt Romney to campaign in Virginia Beach Sunday OC related.

    I got ticekts to go then I notice on the paper it said, "All attendees will go through airport-like security" No bags, sharp objects, umbrellas, liquids or signs will be allowed in the venue. Cameras are permitted. I see nothing about guns, do you think I would get kicked out for OCing?
  8. ocholsteroc

    other options for lethal/non lethal defence-batons open/conceal question

    http://leg1.state.va.us/cgi-bin/legp504.exe?000+cod+18.2-308 Now a spring stick is a weapon that opens automaticly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIjep2NoSNo in this video, a button is used to open a baton. its clear by releasing a button to rapidly open a device that is what it is. Manually...
  9. ocholsteroc

    Radford votes to ban concealed guns in buildings

    http://www.wavy.com/dpp/news/virginia/ap_virginia/Radford-votes-to-ban-concealed-guns-in-buildings_15947965 "RADFORD, Va. (AP) — Radford University is joining other Virginia schools in barring the concealed carry of guns in campus buildings." I hope we get college carry next year to show them.
  10. ocholsteroc

    Hampton Roads Open Carry Dinner Aug 30, 2012 CANCELLED

    canceled please remove topic from top, will be doing at later date.
  11. ocholsteroc

    Who needs a gun in their own driveway?

  12. ocholsteroc

    State parks?

    When is OC/CC allowed in State parks, I thought it was 7-7-2012. I could have sworn it is now though, because wasn't there a lunch/dinner there? Is there off limit places/hunting spots etc....?
  13. ocholsteroc

    Michigan - 18yr arrested for open carry M-1.

    Anyone got more info?
  14. ocholsteroc

    Need help on Federal gun free law and church & schools.

    NVM. So dumb, Elementary is "Kindergarten" and older Doesn't matter my Church doesn't have a school.
  15. ocholsteroc

    Hampton Roads OC Dinner 6-6-2012 7pm Village Inn Virginia Beach

    Hampton Roads OC Dinner 6-6-2012 7pm Village Inn Virginia Beach A few weeks notice so people have notice with schedules.
  16. ocholsteroc

    The torch, flashlight anyone know much on these?

    Hi, I was looking at a flashlight, they say its the brightest in the world, http://www.wickedlasers.com/lasers/The_Torch-74-41.html This thing can burn paper at close range, I seen videos on it. It runs $180. Has anyone owned one or know someone with one, how are they? I thought about getting...
  17. ocholsteroc

    VA biggest OC group in America?

    Is VA the biggest OC group in America? It sure has the most posts.
  18. ocholsteroc

    oc guy spotted!! chesapeake

    Dominion blvd in chesapeake I just saw u. Car wreck on side of road. Big holster right hip. Hope ur okay. 418pm
  19. ocholsteroc

    Children's Museum

    Hi, quick question, is the children's museum a federal place or something? My family is going there this week and I didn't know if it was a no-carry zone by federal. I thought it was like some school or something. :confused: Thanks.
  20. ocholsteroc

    OCing while playing drums??? problem?

    Could playing the drums be a problem while OCing? could it cause a AD? I heard of a MRI setting off a cops gun and I have heard of shooting guns while having a loaded one on your hip go off from the vibrations.