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  1. bnhcomputing

    Looking for specific rifle video

    Fellow carry friends: I'm looking for a video that I think was made by a California LEO. The video starts with him saying "this is legal in California, and this isn't." He then proceeds to remove the stock and accessories from the one that's illegal, making it legal, and accessorizing the one...
  2. bnhcomputing

    Target Practice in/at French Creek Wildlife Area question??

    Good morning neighbors. I am a WI resident who will be visiting the French Creek Wildlife Area. I am wondering if it is legal for me to carry there, and also if it is legal to target practice (both pistol and rifle) there:question: I have a MN, UT, and WI CCL. Please cite to authority in...
  3. bnhcomputing

    A couple articles from my local news paper.

    Here is a tribune article about businesses posting. Read the last paragraph. http://lacrossetribune.com/business/local/business-report/stores-tread-lightly-on-gun-issues/article_eda0d688-b271-11e2-bea6-001a4bcf887a.html Here is my recent letter to the editor regarding expanding background...
  4. bnhcomputing

    CBS Advocating for MORE mass shootings!

    On the CBS Morning Program, Chip Reid just advocated for MORE mass shootings! They were talking about the failed gun ban and he said, "It's going to take more mass shootings before legislation like this can pass." Please visit their page and let them know ADVOCATING for more mass shootings is...
  5. bnhcomputing

    WI State legislature wants to EXPAND school zone

    Here come the NEW restrictions. At a time when we should be doing AWAY with the GFSZ, the state legislature wants to EXPAND the definition: http://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2011/proposals/AB500
  6. bnhcomputing

    Akron OH -- Would-Be Robbery Victim Fires Back, Literally

    I guess this happened in OH, NOT WI.. My apologies, the article didn't make that clear.http://www.wsaw.com/home/headlines/Would-Be_Robbery_Victim_Fires_Back_Literally_136369278.html
  7. bnhcomputing

    SAF, Alan Gura file amicus brief AGAINST open carry

    The Second Amendment Foundation, SAF, and Alan Gura filed an amicus brief that appears to be AGAINST the open carry of firearms. https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B4xDZlk5vthcODdkNmEzZWMtYTFkYi00ZWZmLTg3ZDYtZTY4OWQ0Yzk2NzZm Notice they cite the Gonzalez case on Page 28
  8. bnhcomputing

    Felony if you carry at any gas station ASSEMBLY BILL 406

  9. bnhcomputing

    I guess those "no guns" signs are working really well in Madison

    http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/chi-ap-wi-courthouselockdow,0,4021026.story MADISON, Wis.— Sheriff's deputies locked down the Madison courthouse after getting a call of a man holding a woman hostage inside.
  10. bnhcomputing

    Here comes the attack on OC we all predicted

  11. bnhcomputing

    Waukesha Police Department calls from Oct. 8 and Oct. 9

  12. bnhcomputing

    Did I read this right, off duty LEO borrows store a gun to stop a robbery?

  13. bnhcomputing

    City of Green Bay will NOT ban guns

  14. bnhcomputing

    Appleton Gunshow Fri, Sat, Sun. Can you help at the table?

    If there are any WCI members out there who can HELP with the Appleton gun show this weekend, Fri-3-8, Sat-9-5, Sun-9-3, PLEASE PM me. I cannot make it to this one do to family commitments.
  15. bnhcomputing

    Student brings handgun to Onalaska High School

    http://www.wkbt.com/Global/story.asp?S=13612585 Notice they are NOT recommending the state or federal GFSZA charge. I can't help but wonder why?
  16. bnhcomputing

    Wisconsin Carry, Inc. Secretary makes front cover of the Isthmus

    Article entitled, "Locked and loaded." http://www.isthmus.com/isthmus/article.php?article=31451
  17. bnhcomputing

    Black Friday shopper accused of gun threat

    Wisconsin makes national (CNN) news again: http://www.cnn.com/2010/CRIME/11/26/wisconsin.shopper.threat/ Now when THIS happened to a OCDO member, and he WAS THREATENED, the judge in that case said "Threatening to kill someone is protected free speech."
  18. bnhcomputing

    Oregon Man Arrested After Deerfield Armed Robbery

  19. bnhcomputing

    Robbers upset by victim's lack of money

  20. bnhcomputing

    Two suspects in hospital after being shot by bar owner

    Story Update: and then there is the typical what-if anti statement: http://www.weau.com/home/headlines/Two_110155879.html Follow up story, Can you shoot someone who breaks into your business or home?