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  1. wylde007

    When God Created Virginia

  2. wylde007

    Here's a question for all the "What If" people

    Can't Wait to See Where This Goes...
  3. wylde007

    Bad Brass Women

    Inaugural meeting Tuesday night in Virginia Beach, led by Ms. Jessica Abbott. A group dedicated to empowering and informing women about firearms, safety and self-defense. http://www.virginianewssource.com/editors-messsage/1730-bad-brass-women-theyre-coming- FB Page...
  4. wylde007

    Who Needs a Gun in a Sleepy Virginia Beach Neighborhood?

  5. wylde007

    I love Guns and Coffee counter Protest 2-14-12 at a Starbucks near you!

    Non-events Everywhere Landstown Commons in Virginia Beach was apparently not effected by the boycott. At 0730 this morning they were doing a BRISK business and either did not notice or did not care that I was OC. Neither did anybody else. I left a "GSL" sticker on the cup-insulator dispenser...
  6. wylde007

    Review: Desantis Sof-Tuck (106NAB6Z0)

    (Allow me to preface this post with the comment that it has been copied in its entirety from my Facebook page and includes some information that most people who are familiar with firearms might consider unnecessary. That being said, on with the show...) So after much internal debate I decided...
  7. wylde007

    Wells Fargo, Mustand Trail Location

    Is SURROUNDED by police cars and locked down. Who needs a gun in a bank?
  8. wylde007

    VA Vanity Plates: "I CARRY"

    That was me honking and giving you the "thumbs up" near the Witchduck Road ramp, westbound on I-264 in Virginia Beach at about 5:30 PM Friday evening.
  9. wylde007

    Russia Today (RT.com) Interview Opportunity 3/5/11

    On Sunday, March 6, a correspondent from Russia Today (RT.com) will be in the Hampton Roads area to conduct an interview about gun ownership, carry, the militia "movement" and other related topics. They have asked me to extend an invitation to interview other members of the pro-gun/pro-carry...
  10. wylde007

    Upcoming Potential Hit Piece - WAVY 10 - 02-02-2011

    WAVY 10 is running a story tomorrow (Thursday) night about conceal permits and getting the requisite "training" online. Of course they make it sound like permit carry is the ONLY way to carry, so it implies that anyone who takes an online course is not qualified - nor should they be able to...
  11. wylde007

    Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot (Question Mark)

    What is with the addition of the CAPTCHA verification?
  12. wylde007

    Zombie Run?

    Anyone planning to attend the Zombie Run tonight in Ghent (Norfolk)? If you do and you OC or plan to OC, please post about your experience both with other citizens and the "increased police presence", as it were. Regards.
  13. wylde007

    Who Needs a Gun at UT?

    http://www.statesman.com/blogs/content/shared-gen/blogs/austin/blotter/entries/2010/09/28/police_on_scene_of_shooting_on.html?cxntcid=breaking_news Does anyone here know for certain whether U.T. is officially a GFCSZ?
  14. wylde007

    Who Needs a Gun in Norfolk?

    Thursday, August 19, 2010, 5:51 PM Followed by: A University whose policy makes it "illegal" for students and faculty to defend themselves in the event of such an "invasion/robbery". School policy practically screams "Come visit ODU and violate us!" I'm kind of glad I'm not teaching there this...
  15. wylde007

    Got a Response on "Authority" to Restrict/Prohibit Campus Carry

    And it reads like they're talking out of both sides of their mouths. Essentially the public colleges/universities CANNOT prohibit lawful [concealed] carry but they may prohibit faculty and students from carrying as a matter of "public safety". This so-called "authority" needs to be overridden...
  16. wylde007

    Armed Home Invasion - 43rd Street & Colley

    I just received word via the university "Safety" Alert that around 3:30 there was an armed home invasion. I received the alert at 4:07. Good job. 37 minutes. :X http://studentaffairs.odu.edu/safety/news_events/news.php?todo=details&id=22586
  17. wylde007

    "Secrets" - Cypress Point

    imported post A group of my wife's schoolteacher friends/teammates met up last night at this hole-in-the-wall on Diamond Springs Road for Happy Hour. I got off work, got the motorcycle and rode out there to meet them and spend some time with the missus. I was in the place for about 15 or 20...
  18. wylde007

    Virginia Motorsports Park - Dinwiddie/Petersburg

    imported post The missus, son and I went to MOPAR Madness this weekend and what did we see posted on the entry gates? No Firearms or Weapons I have written a letter to the general manager thus: Comments? Suggestions?
  19. wylde007

    Norfolk Waterside - "New" News (?)

    imported post That makes the parcel proper not only covered by preemption but with the city managing the leases... does that preempt all venues/businesses as well? http://hamptonroads.com/2010/05/whats-future-waterside-norfolk-ponders-its-fate Either way Waterside is a municipal property and...
  20. wylde007

    Who Needs a Gun at a Christmas Party?

    imported post Normally I wouldn't pay much mind to this, but this guy was a friend of mine in the local music scene. Apparently a disagreement evolved after the neighbor came over and asked for a beer? Details are sketchy at best right now, but the only person armed was the assailant...