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  1. matt2636

    man grabs gun from open carrier

    other than the name, not fake news.
  2. matt2636

    man grabs gun from open carrier

    but OC deters criminals. at least thats what im told on OC.org. yes, engaging in an argument probably didn't help.
  3. matt2636

    man grabs gun from open carrier

    can you cite anything proving it is "bogus?"
  4. matt2636

    man grabs gun from open carrier

    why to reconsider open carry https://wkow.com/news/2018/12/19/suspect-grabs-gun-from-man-openly-carrying-weapons-on-state-street/?fbclid=IwAR0U_6LQ6a1KyFwIFigFO1xCXEHrkXoqUJb76rTnVHhZ2tLYyLZnxDuMroQ
  5. matt2636

    open carry wal mart

  6. matt2636

    gun permit map? try which school has security map.

    http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/03/28/newspaper-under-fire-for-publishing-interactive-map-iowa-school-lacking/ now the nut jobs know who has police officers in their schools and who doesnt.
  7. matt2636

    mark kelly straw purchase ar15?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=XfCRZIxknfs hopefully the link works. listen to what he says. "having no intention of keeping the gun" uuummm isnt that a straw purchase? which is against federal law. or is this going to be another david gregory ordeal?? he should be arrested.
  8. matt2636

    just an observation of OC haters

    just and observation of the OC haters. weird how after the Conn. shooting they are useing the same excuses as OCers do to defend why they OC to defend why they should own a gun or a AR-15. i believe its a out of sight out of mind thing. the public doesnt see it so they see no need for it yet...
  9. matt2636

    froglube in cold weather

    im pretty new to froglube (only been using it 2 months now) and im wondering if anyone has used it in cold weather? i froze 2 pistols in my freezer and one of the pistols it actually froze the action and the other one made it act really sluggish. that was using the paste. any input from anyone...
  10. matt2636

    Outta towner

    I'm reading up on Tennessee carry law cause I'm Comming to visit and its to my understanding "no guns allowed" signs hold legality to them if you enter?
  11. matt2636

    Visiting st louis

    Iowan Herr visiting St Louis I'm just wonder what are some good gun shops to visit in the area? And its my understanding this is a class 3 state?
  12. matt2636

    any .40 reloaders?

    any experienced .40 reloaders here? im getting started on reloading for my g23 gen4. ive heard all the kaboom stories and switching to lone wolf barrels yada yada but it seems the issue has been fixed. i will be useing berry 180gr fp bullets with winchester primers and No.7 powder if anyone has...
  13. matt2636

    cedar rapids wars

    so theres been a lot of recent shootings in good ol cr im just wondering if all of these are related at all and if its gang related? im believeing they are im just wondering who has heard what.
  14. matt2636

    has anyone talked to an attorney?

    has anyone talked to a attorney about oc and encounter with Leo while ocing?
  15. matt2636

    Cedar rapids OC

    I took the plunge an oc today at subway on blairsferry the gun shop in Marion an uncle sams. It was my first oc only cause I just got lazy and didn't want to put on my iwb holster. Got some looks is all. At the gun show there was a cop but he didn't say a word which is good. He looked like a...
  16. matt2636

    ID check. serial number check

    ive been watching youtube videos of open carry in cali. and somethings ive see in police asking for ID and checking serial numbers on guns. im not very clear on this so i thought i would ask. in iowa do you have to show ID? or when do you have to show ID in the state of iowa? and 2nd when i...
  17. matt2636

    Des Moins county carry permit illegal?

    i dont live in des moins county but i have some family that does. and the story im hearing is the sheriff is whith holding permits for 30 days before they are sent out. i may be wrong on this and im looking it up now but the sheriff cant do that anymore correct? it HAS to be issued (unless you...
  18. matt2636

    legal question about schools

    i understand you cant carry at or around a school. but my girlfriend is a teacher (not gunna say where) and this is my pickle. where she teaches isnt "school grounds" or funded by tax dollars but her teaching obliously is. so basically the building she teaches in isnt funded by tax dollars or...
  19. matt2636

    is anyone OCing?

    is there anyone OCing in iowa? or is there groups of people getting together in open places OCing? ive seen a lot of this in other states just to exercise their right or to show "hey we aint gunna hurt ya just cause we have a gun" im just wondering.
  20. matt2636

    Why I like my Glock

    i hope this is the right link http://www.theprepared.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=90 besides tis guy beatin the crap outta his glock theres more i like about it. one argument i would like to make is the grip. other than a glocks grip being "to big" the " i just dont like it"...