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  1. FireStar M40

    How Many Of You Practice With One Caliber.. But Carry Something Different?

    So I'll ask my question again.. "How Many Of You Practice With One Caliber.. But Carry Something Different?" Am I the only one who does so? I have several different caliber handguns/sidearms.. two of which are my FireStar M40 and my wife's pre-1968 gun ban Beretta 70S in .22 LR. I'll usually...
  2. FireStar M40

    Anyone Carry A Star Firestar?

    Combat Customized FireStar M40.. Look at my photos and see post #17 in link below.. Combat Customized FireStar M40 FireStar M40
  3. FireStar M40

    Star pistols

    STAR.. A Subject Near and Dear To My Heart..!! STAR.. especially FireStar M40's I could talk about forever. I bought my FireStar M40 new, way back in the very early 90's.. and then had it completely Combat Customized at the shop by: 1.) Additionally flared & beveled magazine well 2.)...