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  1. RugarRev

    Open Carry In Bank?

    I OC and haven't stepped inside my Wells Fargo branch for a couple of years now. If I can't do it from the drive-through or ATM, I just haven't had the need. I saw no "buster" signs on the door the other day as i drove by so that tells me CC shouldn't be an issue. So I'm wondering, how does...
  2. RugarRev

    Iowa (Open) Carry Brochures?

    This may be a foolish question but is there...anywhere... an Iowa Carry (PDF) brochure we can download to hand out to folks who may be intersted to learn more about their rights here in the State? :confused:
  3. RugarRev

    OC in Leawood?

    Hi folks...an Iowa guy here. Will be spending some time in Leawood this fall and wondering what "permissable" modes of carry are allowed. Thanks...