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    Open (Or Concealed) Carry for Hikers

    imported post I have been OC'ing on hiking trails for many years. Mostly in New England, Pennsylvania, and, yes, New York (the Catskills). I prefer to hike during such times that we do not run into many other hikers (I live near the trails, so I can adjust my schedule accordingly). I hike...
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    Pastor Killed in Drug Investigation

    imported post http://news.aol.com/article/pastor-jonathan-paul-ayers-killed-in/637165#axs76 The way I read it, this was murder, plain and simple. Thepastor did not want to talk to police, so he attempted to drive off. I'm sure he did not know there was an officer who had positoned himself...
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    Planning trip to Virginia via Pennsylvania

    imported post I am planning a brief car trip to the Virginia coast this winter (less than one week). I am starting in NY, traveling south through PA, and into DE. I have non-res licenses from PA, VA and Maine (reciprocity with DE). I will have a sidearm with me (registered in NY)and wish to...
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    Response to Article

    imported post This is the response I posted on the website The American Thinker regarding the article 'Why Do Liberals Bleed.' (Yes, it is discussed on another OCDO thread http://opencarry.mywowbb.com/forum65/27323.htmlbut that thread got off topic and nasty, so I decided to start fresh.)...
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    Wikipedia 'Gun Laws in the United States'

    imported post The subject 'Gun Laws in the United States' is wide open for entries. How about OCDO members helping out? This is what I wrote for NY: [line] New York State, by many measures, is practically the strictest state in the nation as far as the procedure for obtaining a handgun...