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  1. J

    Revive HB 5232 of 2009

    In 2009, HB 5232 was introduced in the Michigan State Legislature. This bill is similar to the bill passed in Wyoming; it protects Michigan citizens from Federal interference of gun commerce originating within the State. Wyoming has gone on and reintroduced a bill to include 'owners', thus...
  2. J

    Holster Choices for Women

    Nice video for the ladies... http://www.thehopeforamerica.com/play.php?id=7482 Carry on
  3. J

    Municipal Ordinance Packet or Sticky

    It appears that another push is being made by MOC members to confront their local legislators to follow Michigan's Preemption Law. It seems a very appropriate role for MOC in general to collect a packet of information for use by members, including a list of localities that have successfully...
  4. J

    Concealed/Open Carry at at Polling Place

    I opened my yap last nite at a Poll Challenger training session stating 'there is no law against carrying in a polling place' based on my knowledge of the CPL statute. To be sure, I've reviewed the MCL on CPL again and still find nothing. If it's in a church, school, court house then it's a...
  5. J

    GOP Precinct Delegates at the State Convention

    Any members here attending the GOP State Convention as Precinct Delegate?
  6. J

    Contacted Municipalities

    imported post I've started a list of contacted municipalities @ http://www.migunowners.org/forum/showthread.php?p=528624#post528624 Carry on
  7. J

    Impact of Heller - Long read, great info

    imported post Great review of Heller going forward... http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1287405 Carry on.
  8. J

    Do Guns Cause Crime? - The Answer

    imported post For the ultimate answer to those who claim that 'guns cause crime', look no further than here... http://montego.roughwheelers.com/gun_cam.html Carry on.
  9. J

    Very Good Heller Review

    imported post This is a good review of the future of the Heller decision re: future incorporation, implementation by lower courts and the politics of the SCOTUS...
  10. J

    St. Louis Mayor calls out the Militia

    imported post My bad, not the Mayor, but an Alderman... http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,460725,00.html Carry on
  11. J

    Firearms Owner's Protection Act (FOPA)

    imported post Found this on the DC forum and did a little digging: From Wikipedia... "The act also forbade the U.S. Government or any agency of it from keeping a registry directly linking non-National Firearms Act firearms to their owners, the specific language of this law ( Federal Law 18...