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    Red Flag Bill

    per the clear reading of the Constitution, every law other than regulating concealed carry.
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    Red Flag Bill

    Eary v Commonwealth 659 S.W. 2nd 198 (1983) This opened the floodgates.
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    Red Flag Bill

    if I could decipher the Supreme Court cases I would. I’ll continue to try.
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    Red Flag Bill

    i believe the dam broke in a challenge regard felon I’m possession prohibition, I might be wrong on the actual charge.The challenge was that the law was unconstitutional under the Kentucky Constitution. SC ruled that it was not, despite the clear language in the Constitution. Said it was within...
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    Red Flag Bill

    if that is true, how did we get all the additional gun laws that already exist. The Ky Supreme Court opened that door years ago.
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    Shooting in NJ police station

    An arrested person either through a faulty search or a gun grab from an officer (my speculation) opens fire. Two officers slightly wounded, one officer hit below his vest OK but in serious condition, shooter dead. Hmmm, now if we just had armed individuals in schools that could kill the...
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    Mitchell prevails over University of Kentucky

    The opinion of the Kentucky Supreme Court in Mitchell V. University of Kentucky is posted at the KYCourts website. The results was reversing and remanding and was unanimous in it's conclusion. Additionally, I believe it included a strong rebuke of the University of Kentucky, and a strong...
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    Nice to be in Kentucky

    It is nice to read the Kentucky forum and see post of a more informative nature rather than the constant legal battles over guns that are so common in other state forums. On a different matter, I see that the Mitchell case was not among those released this month, will most likely be late Marchl...
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    Proposed new law

    I am thinking about talking to my legislators and asking for an addition to our firearms law. I wondered what the colective wisdom here thought of it. I want a restriction on any LEO being able to disarm an open carry or concealed carry individual without RAS per Terry V Ohio and other...
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    What hapened to "Peace Officer"?

    I was a KSP Trooper/Detective from 1975 to 1998 when I retired. I read these forums almost every day, if not every other day. I know there are differences in big city/rural police work, but when did some police start becoming almost hostile to the citizens that they are sworn to serve? I...
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    Interesting reading

    imported post Some interesting reading as to firearms and the legislature in 2004-SC-000060.