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    Incident from July 10 in Twin Cities

    Figured it out, photos attached. The officer looking at something on the hood of the cruiser was actually spending a strange amount of time focusing on my forklift driver's license from work. I was chillaxing against a light post, comforted by the fact that if BLM did a driveby, they would...
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    Halloween carry

    Show me your Halloween carry from this year My house was popular. Don't know why.
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    Open carry at the polls, Clear Lake

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVssA9il6YM&feature=gp-n-y&google_comment_id=z12yi1sblyr5fnj21224vlfqixyygryte I voted at 7:30 am today while openly carrying my 1911. No problems there except for an official attempting to keep me from using a paper ballot. I returned at 9 am with my...
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    Incident from July 10 in Twin Cities

    So now that I'm 100% positive it isn't going to result in further charges, I have a story to tell. Black Lives Matter was camped out in front of Gov. Dayton's taxpayer funded mansion and had rioted the night before. A sniper had shot police in Dallas and tensions were pretty high. The police...
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    OC in Orgeon

    I'm traveling to Burns, Oregon this week and would like someone to help me out by posting the relevant laws regarding open carry of firearms. Thanks in advance.
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    Wisconsin police departments go commando

    http://www.wpr.org/emergency-responders-law-enforcement-agents-descend-upon-madeline-island-training-exercise They doesn't just mean to kill us scary meanie militia members. They mean to kill every last gun owner. Assimilate or die.
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    Can parking lots be posted?

    I forget exactly which business it was since I discovered it on a wrong turn, but I found this sign in Lake Delton. I thought I read somewhere on a post by MKEgak that posting a parking lot would be preemption. It also seems to be a property rights issue as my vehicle is private property and...
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    Open carry "dress code"

    The Second Amendment is for everyone yet I always see the same comments coming from many here that we are required to dress a certain way when OCing. What way? Nobody can agree on it. One member says his cowboy boots and chaps are preferred. He declares anyone who wears anything he...
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    A few observations

    I'm just going to make a few observations. First...its fun to put someone on the ignore list and then make snide comments to and about him. I know I've hit a nerve when the amount of posts after mine increases. But to me, all it says is "spoiler." Freakin love it. Second...everyone is a...
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    OC in WI

    Duuuuuuhhhhhgggggg Nice shirt. Pink. Pink sock Doug.
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    Labor Day: A celebration of anti-capitalist violence

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    Four very good OC encounters and one meh

    Usually nobody even notices or says anything but last week I've had three, and one a month ago during the move. First (last week) in Amery, I was waiting for my old lady outside the grocery store and a kid herding the silver buffalo asked me very casually if I ever got harassed for carrying...
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    The pet thread

    You know you wanna show off. So post pictures of your pets!
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    Windows phone 8.1 and tapatalk

    I'm using the Windows 8.1 developer preview for Windows Phone along with the latest version of tapatalk, and for the most part, it seems to be bug-free. The exceptions are disappearing lines of text and sometimes uploading inline pictures requires an extra attempt. The only thing I can see...
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    Question for insurance agents

    So I just bought a new to me house a few weeks ago and since then I've noticed on 3 different occasions men in nicer cars slowing down and taking pictures of the house. Today though, a man in a brown hatchback with a door sticker saying ***** Auction Service (edited with respect to the business...
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    LEOs, gear question

    For the LEOS, I watch COPS and youtube videos of LEOs chasing people on foot all the time (makes me laugh) and I see one recurring theme...officers being unable to catch slow running perps because they carry way too much crap. And the one fat cop that runs like a wounded ostrich and only...
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    Planning an OC walk in a hostile place

    I'm planning an OC walk in Barron which is extremely hostile to the 2nd, 4th and 5th amendments. What I'm specifically looking for is law or case law that I can recite when (there's no if about it) these officers attempt to take my weapon. I know the whole deal with probable cause, RAS and...
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    Went for a little OC walk today

    I decided to take a little walk today and educate the good folks of Clear Lake about open carry. So I slung my shotgun, holstered my pistol and went out the back door. While I'm locking up the house, my pet chicken Dez Bryant starts whining at me to let him out of his cage. So I took him with...
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    Cop knocks on your car window...

    According to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, feel free to drive away! The saying "you may beat the rap but you won't beat the ride (and they'll steal your guns)" comes to mind. Well, I'm going to bookmark this in my phones browser and try it if I ever get Johnny Law knocking on my truck window...
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    Man held at gunpoint for legal OC

    I'm assuming this is Bill Polster being held at gunpoint (rifle) by Calumet County deputies. The Calumet County sheriff has stated that he doesn't like the state preemption laws and he will enforce illegal county laws. There is a battle for the GoPro, which I have been told is backed up and in...