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    Showing ID to police

    I went to point in the fall of 2015, but was kicked out after that. I didn’t participate in that event. Stevens point was far more liberal than I was expecting it to be. But I had a good time while I was there
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    Showing ID to police

    I used to be one of those “pro law enforcement” guys. But I’ve learned you cant be pro constitutional freedom and pro law enforcement simultaneously. I’ve seen too many instances of blatant disregard to our constitutional rights
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    Showing ID to police

    If I’m not breaking any laws, there’s absolutely no reason to show my ID.
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    Showing ID to police

    I can’t believe how I naive I once was... I definitely do not hold the same opinion as I once did when I started this thread
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    Carry at summerfest

    So I read on the summerfest website that weapons of any kind aren't allowed. Since when can carry be prohibited in an outdoor area? I was under the assumption that no weapon signs and rules only applied to buildings. Can anyone clarify this?
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    Open carry in overalls

    Does anyone have any advice on carrying while wearing overalls? There's no belt loops. Any ideas on how to comfortably carry?
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    Showing ID to police

    Hi, in a lot of the open carry videos on YouTube I see people refusing to show their ID to police when asked. Is there a reason for this? I know in a lot of states you don't have to, but why wouldn't you? All it seems to do is create hostility which is the last thing you want. If you have no...
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    Open carrying on a college campus

    Hi, my name is Alex. I'm 18 years old and in 3 weeks I will be attending UW Stevens Point to pursue a career in law enforcement, specifically to be game warden for the WI DNR. I will be freshman I will be living on campus in a dorm. I've been giving a lot of thought lately about purchasing a...