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    Why we carry

    imported post One of our members, Dave_in_Delaware, was involved in an attempted robbery. It happened just outside his house while coming home from work. http://www.delawareonline.com/article/20081125/NEWS/81125036&referrer=FRONTPAGECAROUSEL?GID=YXV5dZNPdpWcMKRD/u1Bd6rSHWldqo7Ki41j1cbl/vY%3D
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    What's your idea's about crime control

    imported post What do you think about crime control? Do we need tougher laws for those that would do harm to others? Or do you think that the system is just fine? I think things are way out of control. Multiple felons loose in our country free to do what they may with little to worry about...
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    The way that the Second Amendment should be

    imported post This is my understanding of the Second Amendment. All this backgound checks for buying guns and carrying them should only apply to the States Militia. As long as your not a felon you should be able to purchase and carry openly any gun you want, without being hassled by anyone...
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    imported post Is it just me or do a bunch of us have celtic ancesters. My grandparents all immigrated here from Europe. Dad's side from Ireland(grandfather) and Scotland(grandmother) and mom's side from Ireland(grandfather) and Poland(grandmother). So where do your ancestors come from?
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    Crime rate by zip code

    imported post I found this site that has a nice breakdown by zip code. http://www.homefair.com/find_a_place/cityprofile/index.asp?cc=1 Not only breaks down crimes but all stats for any given zip code. Median income, racial make-up, population density, and many more. Twice as likely to be...
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    new city policy

    imported post I just was handed some changes to the cities personnel policy. Top of the list is a NO FIREARM addmendment. For everbodies safety no weapons are allowed on city property, in city owned vehicles or while on city time. I'm not sure but this seems to go against state law Title 22...