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    Arrested for open carry. Waiting for a ruling from the Court of Criminal Appeals

    I think this is the final version.
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    judge files injunction to block HB2 open carry law

    Don't read the attached pdf before or after a meal, it can cause loss of appetite and severe nausea. I would have posted it yesterday, but I was just too depressed.
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    Proposal would rewrite La.'s right to bear arms

    Here is what I got back from the NRA about the bill:
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    Open Carry in Mississippi - The Law

    Please don't post discussion or questions in this thread. Hopefully we can get this made into a sticky and as a quick reference for laws, court cases, and AG opinions that affect carrying a firearm and with at most a brief description of the implication for OC, but not debate...
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    Texas, Maybe.

    In the near future I might be spending some time out in Texas. I was wondering if I could get the short version of what to expect, what to do and not to do when carrying in yall's state.
  6. D


    What firearms laws would traveling armed Americans need to worry about when visiting?
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    National Open carry week poll

    Opinions are like... some body parts, everyone has one so answer the poll and we'll see what we think.
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    Kel tec pmr-30

    I'm considering getting one of these. Anyone try one out?
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    The Court CASE

    If anyone can find the infamous court case that basically made open carry legal but impossible in MS or an official reference or anything about it other than hearsay please post it here. For being such an important legal document for open carry it seems to be very illusive.
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    National Open Carry Dinner Month Poll

    If the date is not settled on then lets vote on it and start narrowing it down.
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    Shooting pigs!!!

    Anyone get any tasty pigs yet this hunting season? I'm getting a light and going out for the first time this season! for coyote but if I see a pig I'll have ham for Thanksgiving!
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    Mississippi meetup!

    I'll be down on the MS coast thanksgiving week. Anyone up for an OC meetup?
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    single action only revolver

    Anyone think this would be a healthy choice for every day carry?
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    what is a Culvers?

    Anyone care to enlighten me?