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  1. stealthyeliminator

    Hey everyone

    Hmm, this place doesn't seem very lively anymore.
  2. stealthyeliminator

    Constitutional carry bills update - HB1911 and HB375

    HB375 and HB1911 are essentially being combined, and will move forward under HB1911. Representatives Stickland and White will now be joint authors of HB1911. Most of the significant issues with HB1911 have been, or will be further remedied as part of this process. It is time for everyone to...
  3. stealthyeliminator

    Grisham case appeal results

    Unsurprising but disappointing nonetheless, the appeals court has upheld the conviction. The fight is not over. I'm trying to get a link to the decision, I will edit this post as soon as I can get to it. ETA: http://www.search.txcourts.gov/Case.aspx?cn=03-14-00137-CR&coa=coa03 Please discuss.
  4. stealthyeliminator

    Carry to the Capitol event

    Carry to the Capitol even with OCT Friday, January 13, 2017 at 3 PM - 4 PM Austin Texas State Capital 1100 Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas 78701 We will be meeting at the South Steps "With the new legislature in session, it's time to let them know that it's way past time Texas recognized our...
  5. stealthyeliminator

    Man charged, found NOT guilty after refusing to give up rifle to police

    Disclaimers: The mission of OCDO revolves around handgun open carry. Now that Texas has some form of handgun open carry, albeit licensed for the time being, I think that being good stewards of our opportunity to open carry handguns, and expanding the recognition of our rights to include...
  6. stealthyeliminator

    Stickland files Constitutional Carry - HB 375 of the 85(R)

    You may read here: http://www.legis.state.tx.us/BillLookup/History.aspx?LegSess=85R&Bill=HB375 I have not yet read it thoroughly, so I don't yet have much to say about it. If someone would like to get the conversation going, please feel free!
  7. stealthyeliminator

    Dallas police officer arrests guy for having body armor and green-tip ammo?

    Apparently: Cop said it's illegal to have body armor unless you are LEO or military. Cop said green-tip ammo is illegal. Cop said "federal law trumps state law." Cop said lawyers rarely know the law (implies cops usually do). Cop should not be cop. He is egregiously unqualified...
  8. stealthyeliminator

    Glendale, AZ, apparent mugger puts gun to OCing woman's neck

    I looked around and didn't see a link to this yet http://gunwatch.blogspot.com/2016/08/az-woman-openly-carrying-glock.html?m=1 "Carolann was openly carrying. She was accosted by a violent, armed felon. He did not simply "shoot her first" as many who oppose open carry claim will happen...
  9. stealthyeliminator

    Legislation wish list

    From the big, sweeping changes like constitutional carry, to the tiniest nuances like cleaning up administrative requirements for certain places to post ineffective signage, what's your legislative wish list for Texas? I'd like to see... Constitutional carry, of course; Carry for non-violent...
  10. stealthyeliminator

    Today a child pointed a toy gun at me

    Today I pulled into my apartment complex after running some errands, and I came to a stop sign. I wanted to turn right. About that time, a boy, who obviously saw me coming, walked right out into the road, so that I couldn't turn. Despite him being completely disrespectful and unsafe, I was...
  11. stealthyeliminator

    Survey the field

    Did pro-rights (gun rights) candidates win primaries in your elections? If you aren't already, it's about time to start gearing up to have as much influence on them as possible to vote positively for pro-gun rights legislation. Start finding out who we can count on, who we can't, and who needs...
  12. stealthyeliminator

    TABC clarifies license verification requirements for businesses

  13. stealthyeliminator

    3rd annual and final Hike That Started It All

    From Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1483160868680591/
  14. stealthyeliminator

    A little new found respect for Dan Patrick? On Meet the Press

    Dan Patrick went on Meet the Press to discuss the new OC laws. Wow. For not having a "perfect" stance on the issues, I was impressed with the fervor with which he defended both open carry and lowering the bar for being able to obtain and carry firearms for self defense. It is a Facebook...
  15. stealthyeliminator

    Why doesn't the anti-discrimination knife cut both ways?

    If it is justifiable to prohibit a business from selecting their customers based on certain criteria, why wouldn't it also be justifiable to prohibit customers from selecting the businesses they patronize based on those same criteria? The customer and business and just two sides to the same...
  16. stealthyeliminator

    Prosecutor jailed for wrongfully convicting a man

    I'm sure this comes to no surprise to any member here, but apparently prosecutors (or police officers) that engage in misconduct in trial are rarely ever punished, and are sometimes rewarded instead, even if the misconduct sends innocent people to jail. In this case, it seems as though just a...
  17. stealthyeliminator

    Let's take another trip to Bald Knob real quick...

    Irate officer runs up on open carriers in Bald Knob, detaining them while putting on an act full of belligerence and unprofessionalism. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pIKsyvb7-s...
  18. stealthyeliminator

    Some are associating huge influx of CHL applications to open carry passing

    http://m.ktxs.com/news/new-open-carry-law-leads-to-backlog-of-license-applications/35227820 FUQ "Thinking about getting a concealed carry license? You might want to sign up for a class soon -- they are getting filled up mainly because open carry is coming to Texas next year."
  19. stealthyeliminator

    A day to pray

    I think that it would be appropriate for us today to take a moment of silence. To first pray for those that are still grieving on this day, and that will for the rest of their lives, that they may have peace and comfort and contentment. Pray for those that would still wish to do us more harm...
  20. stealthyeliminator

    Attorney General official opinion - open carry is legal

    http://www.4029tv.com/news/arkansas-attorney-general-says-open-carry-is-legal-in-arkansas/34978560 http://ag.arkansas.gov/opinions/docs/2015-064.pdf Leslie's logic if extremely flawed, even though she does come to conclude that "open carry" is legal.