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  1. hardballer

    Accused of pulling my gun!

    Had a little conversation with a neighbor and his buddy about keeping his dog in his own yard and not mine. And especially would appreciate it if their snarling, growling, fairly large Doberman would not knock my wife down anymore. I Don't really appreciate humans who are not able to get...
  2. hardballer

    LEO Interaction...

    So...Today I pull into a convenience store in Alma just as the Chief of Police pulls his nice black shiny new Dodge Charger RT into a parking spot near by. I pull out my shiny full size 1911 out of the case in plain view of said officer, load a mag, rack the slide and holster it. He looks over...
  3. hardballer

    Buffalo Holster Giveaway in Celebration of CC in Wisconsin...WINNER!!!

    Winner!!! And the WINNER IS: McX!!! Congratulations McX... I'll get a hold of you to work out the particulars... Best to ya. Hardballer.
  4. hardballer

    Bill passed, can we carry in the vehicle...

    Question... is the whole bill put off until Nov. 1 or can we carry in our vehicle right away?
  5. hardballer

    Buffalo Holster Giveaway in Celebration of CC in Wisconsin...

    FREE HOLSTER! Concealed Carry! Woo Hoo! Buffalo Holster! I'll give one lucky person a custom made Buffalo Holster of their choice and matching mag holder. Post on this thread to be included in the FREE drawing. Names will be put in a hat and the lucky person's name will be pulled...
  6. hardballer

    Get Together JUNE 25th Alma WI.

    Watch for ballooned signs on both sides of the highway 35 just North of Alma WI. Pot luck and good friends... and an Alma city walk [one street of commerce about 10 blocks long. There is even an eagle watch. By the way, if you are staying overnight, you might bring your fishin'...
  7. hardballer

    EDITORIAL Our view: Concealed carry is wrong priority "LaCrosse Tribune"

    Editorial, comments and poll here... http://lacrossetribune.com/news/opinion/article_75fcd150-80d1-11e0-b4b6-001cc4c03286.html
  8. hardballer

    PetSmart Apologizes! Says Open Carry is OK. Please thank them!!!

    PetSmart Corporate OK With Open Carry in Wisconsin! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Hello my friends! I received two phone calls from PetSmart Corporate in Arizona, stating that they are not against Open Carry in their stores nor have they been. They fully support State and Federal Law and profusely...
  9. hardballer

    Booted from PetSmart!

    Update 5/17/11 - This misunderstanding has been resolved satisfactorily. PetSmart Called me and apologized. They say OC is A-OK in accordance with State Laws. I encourage all of my friends and patriots to thank PetSmart and patronize their store in the future. Thank you to all of you...
  10. hardballer

    Inside the Waist Band (IWB) Concealment holster for sale.

    Probably the most comfortable and concealable holster you'll ever own... It can be seen here: Scroll down to- PeaceKeeper IWB http://buffaloholstercompany.blogspot.com/p/leatherkydex-holsters-and-mag-holders.html
  11. hardballer

    Purse/Pocket Holster for sale

    Can be seen here: http://buffaloholstercompany.blogspot.com/p/womens-holsters.html
  12. hardballer

    Non-Consensual conversation today.

    I pull up to the gas pump at a Kwik Trip... Officer Bill Bob is on the other side jaw jacking with some citizen. I exit truck, pull case out. Pull my stainless 1911 out of case put case back in truck [ this is the dumbest state in the union] and pop mag into 1911. Rack the slide...
  13. hardballer

    Why is WCI being left out or not being mentioned by our legislature...?

    If we do not make noise, NO ONE WILL KNOW WE EXIST. WCI needs to be the go to for info and ideas! If our legislature listens to people who do not represent us, we need answers we need to know why. Perhaps someone in marketing needs to help out. What I know is this, if our desires...
  14. hardballer

    Colorado considers Constitutional Carry...

    This bill is designed to do one thing: allow citizens who are legally eligible to possess handguns to carry that handgun without obtaining a costly, burdensome and bureaucratic permit. One of the chief advantages this bill presents is that citizens are not put on any government tracking list...
  15. hardballer

    Shots Fired...

    So... it's about 11:30pm Sunday night and I hear gun shots. About 9 shots. Not firecrackers... This is close to my home. I don't appreciate gunfire in the neighborhood and did my civic duty, called 911. The Sheriff's dispatcher listen's intently to my complaint... then she...
  16. hardballer

    Wyo. Senate Approves Concealed Carry Bill - Constitutional carry.

  17. hardballer

    OC LX 2day

    Carried at Gunderson Lutheran in La Crosse today and to my extreme disappointment, no one noticed. Not even security. Had a few Kwik Trip stops, Had one woman say hello and ask about my gun. She was not aware that it was legal. I explained the law, left her with a pamphlet and a...
  18. hardballer

    LEOs Approach With Adrenaline Pumping...

    Had a couple of LEO encounters to report. Last week I was working in the shop putting together a holster and heard a gunshot. This was 10:30 at night so I was fairly alarmed. I exited on high alert, heart pound, as you might expect, with my holstered 1911 at my side and met a neighbor...
  19. hardballer

    Johnson Registration?

    Johnson Registration? Feingold supports the 2A? Opinions?