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    observations on preparedness

    At about 1AM on February 6th, I left my house with my gf to go to a nearby gas station to get smokes and sodas. An uneventful trip ordinarily. We made it to the gas station and within a block of the house on the return trip, when we were approached by two young guys walking toward us on the...
  2. L

    recent OC incident in Philly

    I haven't been in the forum in ages, but I thought I'd share this gem in the news recently. Not sure about the current state of the carry laws with regard to metro Philadelphia vs. PA at large, but I'm pretty sure this response was inappropriate - not least preferring charges well after the...
  3. L

    Jersey shooting

    imported post What's up with this story? The gun is described as "not a normal shotgun" but they don't provide details other than it was pump-action. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/17/nyregion/17jersey.html?em -ljp
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    22 rifle question

    imported post Not strictly an OC question, but gun-related. I have a chance to pick up a Marlin model 25 bolt-action 22 on the cheap. I'm nominally a collector and I don't own a 22 of any kind for the present. I wondered if anyone had any particular recommendations for a cheap 22 rifle. Ruger...
  5. L

    the party line on guns

    imported post There has been much recent discussion about the "socialist gun-grabber" agenda that is supposedly afoot since the new administration got in. I did some checking and was interested to learn that the American Socialist Party proper (Socialist Party USA) only had this to say about...
  6. L

    mixed messages on 4th amendment rulings

    imported post This story is a bit vague, and I admit that, in practice anyway,it concerns "pretext" searches for drugs more than guns, but I still though it at least obliquely relevant to the forum - http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/editorials/la-ed-search22-2009apr22,0,831398.story. Can...
  7. L

    anti- in the gun shop

    imported post I had a weird exchange with a guy who walked into the shop last weekend. He stated that he "didn't believe in guns" and asked what was involved in someone buying or selling guns through the shop. I said you just needed a state ID/driver's license to sell; that and a filled out...
  8. L

    Anyone own an Arcus?

    imported post I was perusing the quite-absurdly-limited selection of small handguns that are still available from wholesalers and came across the Arcus brand from Bulgaria. They're pretty much Browning Hi-Power knockoffs, and they look well-made and have good reviews in the few web sites I...
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    merchant shot in robbery

    imported post This is a preliminary press release about an armed robbery where a merchant was shot and killed in downtown Cincinnati. This was the same merchant who had shot at an assailant during a prior robbery attempt in 2007 (he was not charged - the prosecutor was sympathetic). No word on...
  10. L

    ATF internet access?

    imported post I just tried to bring up an oldbookmark for the ATF (www.atf.treas.gov) and got this message: Access Denied by security policy The security policy for your network prevents your request from being allowed at this time. Please contact your administrator if you feel this is...
  11. L

    my 1st range trip since getting out of legal trouble

    imported post I went to Target World (Greater Cincinnati/Tri-County area) Sunday morning with my gf and her brother. I was not able to convince her to shoot with us. Anyway, we had several pistols and a 12-gauge (the shotgun was awesome). Pretty uneventful. I came to work Monday and found out...
  12. L

    ccw permit class report

    imported post Well, I finally enrolled in the required certification course for my permit/license. We finished "module 1" last night and I have 7 hours left, including range time. Someone asked about the law and open carry, to which the instructor (a police training officer) responded that...
  13. L

    Fan Mail

    imported post I just e-mailed this to the Public Affairs officer of the local police department. Will post their response when I receive it. Whatever they say, I thought it would be worthwhile for them to devote some thought to this before the fact. I put it in the Ohio section as it only...
  14. L

    History Lesson

    imported post I can't 'vet' the acccuracy of this information: I'm just quoting an on-line source. In any case, I thought some of the details from this history of our gun laws were interesting, especially the similarity between the National Firearms Act/Gun Control Act, etc.and Nazi gun control...
  15. L

    yet another university punishing a gun rights advocate

    imported post The link to the blog story is below. Never heard of Hamline University before, but this kid needs a psych evaluation to even get reinstated from summary suspension after suggesting that tragedies like Virginia Tech might be avoided or mitigated by allowing students to go about...
  16. L

    cop promoted after bad shoot and attempted cover up ?!?!

    imported post I don't know the source of this, so I can't 'vet' the accuracy of the narrative. Greatly disturbing if true. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMd_NCMETp4&feature=related Disciplined in some unspecified manner for tardiness? Makes detective? Wtf? Anyone know about this incident...
  17. L

    ATF audit

    imported post Well, I'm nearly through my very first ATF audit. There were some bookkeeping/administrative "issues" that they will probably document for corrective action, but no missing guns or unregistered silencers, or any such eggregious violations, so I think we'll be OK. It is unnerving...
  18. L

    Uncle Mike comes through at last

    imported post After going by the catalog recommendations for years and resigning myself to an almost-fit nylon holster (size 15 for large-frame semi-autos), I had forgotten my usual holster and grabbed one off the shelf here as a substitute. The size 16 ("Sidekick" model) fits like a glove, has...
  19. L

    letter from the Governor

    imported post Well, Gov. Ted Strickland wrote me back yesterday (even signed it himself - not a form letter), saying that he "shared my concern" that the Ohio gun transportation laws were in need of fixing, but that he knew of no pending legislation before the statehouse. This might be a good...
  20. L

    the final word on the Dayton situation

    imported post As of this morning, the grand jury returned no true bill - i.e. they did not indict me! Strike a blow for freedom. I was going to post this under Ohio, but I wanted the whole world to know. I am free and clear and just need a ride to pick up my stuff. I don't even have to pay the...