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  1. rushcreek2

    Situational Awareness "SCORE" when tested will probably never meet our expectations.

    Situational Awareness "SCORE" when tested will probably never meet our expectations. Throughout my driving experience I've been at the scene of of 3 major traffic accidents. I was once again on the scene of an incident involving multi-vehicle involved collissions Friday afternoon in...
  2. rushcreek2

    Fatal shooting of Austin LEO at Walmart- Walmart OC policy change may result.

    I am surprised that the early Friday morning shooting death of the Austin Texas police officer at a Walmart hasn't been brought up yet so here is an Austin American Statesman link with video support. WWW.statesman.com/news Although "open carry" was not involved, and Texas is not an open...
  3. rushcreek2

    Restoration of all rights of citizenship under persons convicted under Colorado law.

    Restoration of all rights of citizenship of persons convicted under Colorado law. This subject is my pet project. I regularly monitor the status of case law dealing with the constitutional right to keep and bear arms under Colorado law . I think it is a subject that many Coloradoans are...
  4. rushcreek2

    Reserved RIGHT has been CONFISCATED, IMPOUNDED, and converted into a PRIVILEGE.

    HB 2756, relating to the authority of a person licensed to carry a handgun concealed to carry a handgun openly - is in the Public Safety Subcommittee, and as yet has not been scheduled for a public hearing. The reserved right of every citizen in Texas to bear arms , including side-arms, is...
  5. rushcreek2

    A time for serious contemplation

    Many in the PRO-2A camp are in a state of shock since Saturday morning-including myself.Speechless, or wordless- seldom applies to me, but I still am -and I think that feeling is shared by many contributors to this forum. "Tucsonians against GUN violence" types didn't waste any time hitting the...
  6. rushcreek2

    Texas is the horse to watch now that it is McDonald incorporation post-time

    Let me just clarify one thing so that we don't have to breath into a paper bag while pondering the Brady Bunch's dribble about whether or not the 2A protected right to keep & bear (fire)arms for self defense "in case of confrontation" extends beyond the threshold of one's home. IT DOES...