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    450 Mayors Petition Obama To Adopt Broad Gun Reform

    imported post I've searched on OCDO & didn't see anything about this. Obviously from the Bloomey group of Mayors. http://tinyurl.com/y93hs4z One quote that was pretty damning was..."The mayor's coalition created this document for policy discussion," said Jason Post, a spokesman for...
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    Gun owners sue DC for right to carry weapons

    imported post As reported on WTOP. WASHINGTON (AP) - The attorney who got the Supreme Court to overturn the District of Columbia's 32-year handgun ban has gone back to court to challenge regulations prohibiting gun owners from carrying their weapons in the nation's capital. Most ofthe quotes...
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    NYC mayor to release anti-gun ad in Virginia

    imported post NEW YORK (AP) - New York's mayor and relatives of Virginia Tech massacre victims are releasing a new television ad next week urging the state to close a gun show loophole. The second anniversary of the shooting is next Thursday. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg will join...
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    Memphis newspaper under fire for posting handgun permits

    imported post Thought you all would like to see this. Sounds like the Roanoke Times sent one of their own down there. NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A Memphis newspaper has posted a searchable database of Tennesseans with permits to carry concealed handguns, upsetting firearms owners and igniting a...
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    TN Handgun Carry Permits are ONLINE

    imported post I just found this on Georgia Packing. http://www.commercialappeal.com/data/gunpermits/ This is not good. What the Hell is up with people that do this.
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    Who needs a gun in an Airport

    imported post I didn't see this posted, yet. From the Washington Post Update at WTOP VIRGINIA Man Held in Restroom Attack at National Airport A woman was attacked in a restroom yesterday at Reagan National Airport, and a man was arrested in the incident, an airport spokeswoman said. The...
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    D.C. gun owners will have to re-register every 3 years

    imported post You'll love this one. How creative... From WTOP The D.C. Council gave preliminary approval to regulations for registering and storing handguns. The bill calls for owners to recertify their ownership every year, to re-register the guns every three years and to undergo background...
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    Abducted Woman Dies In Crash, Police Say

    imported post This article was in the Washington Post, 9/14 - Metro. This started with an apparent abduction at Springfield Mall.
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    Bloomberg and Paul - Independent Green Party?

    imported post I just saw this article. This is off-the-wall, to me. Boy, I was so upset I screwed up the Title big time. It should read Bloomberg and Paul. Sorry all! Thanks for the Title fix. Mods.
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    Washington Post Editorial - "Ask Dr. Gun"

    imported post Interesting piece in today's (7/18/08)Washington Post. A Straight Shooter It's a Different Era in D.C. If You've Got Questions About the Armed Life, Dr. Guns Has All the Answers.
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    How DC Can Defy SCOTUS

    imported post WTOParticle on just how DC will get around and/or delay handgun availability.
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    Received my Florida CW License

    imported post It was approved in 60 days. :celebrateAdding more states to my list!
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    Blackwater Training

    imported post Looking at some training, here in the Mid-Atlantic. Has anyone been to Blackwater's facility. I did a search on OCDO, but came up empty-handed.
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    Conservator of the Peace

    imported post A bit off topic, unless you're approached by one. This was a new one to me. I'm basically familiar with the Conservator of the Peace designation. Tonight I saw two cars, Crown Vics marked with "Conservator of the Peace" both sides and rear deck. They were on Eisenhower Ave, in...
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    VA State Senator Saslaw Comment

    imported post Philip Van Cleave sent this e-mail. Our own John Pierce heard it first hand. Mr. Van Cleave is extraordinary, in my book!(You too, John)There is a link in the article to send an e-mail to Sen. Saslaw. I also sent a personal message...
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    Bloomberg Is Deposed in Guns Case

    imported post While part of this article has to do with Bloomberg's Presidential aspirations, it's another look into his "Sting" operations. Here's the link... Bloomberg Is Deposed in Guns Case
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    Virginia Tech Families Turn Grief Into Cry For Gun Laws

    imported post From the WashPost. There are any number of inacurate descriptions, and lot's of nonsense. Here is one phrase that make no sense - "...a private dealer sells weapons at a gun show". <Is there such a designation as Private Dealer?> ..."Had Cho been denied at a gun store, he said...
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    Gerald Connolly Considers Congressional Race

    imported post Here we go, all... From WTOP FAIRFAX, Va. (AP) - Another Northern Virginia Democrat is considering running for the congressional seat currently held by incumbent Republican Tom Davis. Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Gerald Connolly is expected to formally announce Wednesday...
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    imported post Has anyone heard whether Georgia and Virginia are going to agree to reciprocity in the near future?
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    09/26/07 - Carroll County attempts to ban guns in government

    imported post I hope this has not been posted yet. This is not even up at the nonsense level. When will the politicians learn that "Gun-Free Zones" are dangerous. http://www2.vcdl.org/webapps/vcdl/vadetail.html?RECID=1838466