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  1. sudden valley gunner

    Bare chests and guns.

    FUQ-Those who attend might see not only bare-chested women, but also people carrying firearms. Members of Washington Open Carry Whatcom County will be present – in an unofficial capacity – with publicly displayed firearms in accordance with state law, said group member Robert Stratton.“We are...
  2. sudden valley gunner

    Unicorn Spotted Today

    Went to get my Tuesday videos at a local store and a young man in line waiting for the store to open asks me what I carry. I told him. He then turned and showed he was OC, told me he usually conceals but after recent events felt the need to OC today. I asked if he heard of this site, nope was...
  3. sudden valley gunner

    Another white racist with a gun.....not!

    Lily Tang Williams is getting some people a bit upset.....I am rather enjoying it. http://www.dcclothesline.com/2016/01/09/chinese-immigrant-turned-citizen-defies-obama-gun-grab-i-will-never-be-a-slave-again/
  4. sudden valley gunner

    Armed Militia Take over Federal Reserve

    Oregon, the history behind this is full of government tyranny. https://www.rt.com/usa/327762-armed-bundy-militia-oregon-ranchers/
  5. sudden valley gunner

    Young man saves grandmother from thugs.

    He did a great job....;) https://www.facebook.com/CommonMensHumor/videos/10153133897885703/
  6. sudden valley gunner

    Nevada Lawmaker Sends Christmas Card Featuring Fully Armed Family

    I like this family photo! http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/michele-fiore-gun-christmas-card
  7. sudden valley gunner

    Drone shooter Charges dropped.

    Looked for the other thread. It was locked (of course). Well guess what...charges dropped. http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2015/10/daniel-zimmerman/charges-dropped-against-man-who-downed-drone/ FUQ-“He had a right to shoot at this drone, and I’m gonna dismiss this charge.”
  8. sudden valley gunner

    The Cult of Lincoln

    As a young boy I was fascinated and thought Lincoln was the greatest president, after all he freed the slaves what a great man! Also we were taught how evil the south was the war was all their fault etc. In fifth grade we moved to a new school in Washington, as a newcomer I was outcast the...
  9. sudden valley gunner

    Refused ID at Court house today to check weapon.

    Went to be support for a friend suffering from petty tyrants at Bellingham municipal courthouse. Asked to check weapon, at time of check in I put my wallet and knife and keys in with the gun. The security guy was pro gun. He then said I should hold onto wallet because he needed to hold onto ID...
  10. sudden valley gunner

    Americans take down gun man on French train.

    3 Americans tackled and stopped a massacre on a french train. http://www.winknews.com/2015/08/22/americans-take-down-gunman-on-french-train/ FUQ- Cazeneuve said the Americans “were particularly courageous and showed great bravery in very difficult circumstances,” and that “without their...
  11. sudden valley gunner

    Without the state who will pollute the rivers!?

    EPA dumps millions of gallons of mine waste into a river. Great job government! http://www.voicesofliberty.com/article/the-impact-of-the-3-million-gallon-epa-toxic-spill/
  12. sudden valley gunner

    Mail....more government nonsense

    This man saves people mail from a carrier who was just tossing it. He is threatened with Federal Prosecution for being in possession of government property. http://www.myfoxla.com/story/29665141/post-office-investigating-mail-dumped-into-trash-cans
  13. sudden valley gunner

    Obama doing a few good things.....finally

    I approve of decreasing sanctions against Cuba and Iran. I also like he is looking at releasing some nonviolent drug related folks from prison. Maybe he is just looking for a legacy, something good folks can attach to his regime. It doesn't outweigh the damage he has done, in his presidency...
  14. sudden valley gunner

    Freedom Act! Well not really.

    They should stop lying. This is not the Freedom Act, the Patriot Act was not patriotic. When these two groups of yahoos are your only choice for rulers.....(the ideal being zero) tyranny will continue to march on and on and on...
  15. sudden valley gunner

    Can the union kick out a state!

    Constitutionally I feel they can. For example The federal constitution mentions the guarantee of every state to have a republican form of government. If a state decided to become a monarchy, there is no constitutional provision for the feds to force a people to a government they do not want...
  16. sudden valley gunner

    Armed civilians keeping the government at bay?

    Why are we not hearing about this in the state ran media? No fake left or fake right taking the bait?http://www.huffingtonpost.com/josh-horwitz/baltimore-and-grants-pass_b_7203042.htmlcFUQ-The events described above actually took place 2,800 miles away last week in Grants Pass, Oregon, where a...
  17. sudden valley gunner

    Congressman Lieu "Follow the Damn Constitution"!

    I know nothing about Mr Lieu other than he got this one right. Destroying the policing agencies arguments for private market encryption. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCQBQNzGLWI FUQ-"That's offensive its a fundamental misunderstanding of the problem"
  18. sudden valley gunner

    Four Motorcycles two couples and two guns.

    Last weekend my newly licensed other half had the pleasure of taking a motorcycle trip with two of the best friends a couple could ask for, John and Lori MSG and Mrs. MSG. It was a short jaunt to a dutch town for a quick bite and a nice sunny day ride. Two of us were OC the whole time. No issues...
  19. sudden valley gunner

    Machete wielding man shot.

    FUQ -"You were going to kill me" "You're right, I was" "Well then I did the right thing" http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/watch-machete-wielding-idaho-man-chops-door-article-1.2083692
  20. sudden valley gunner

    If you support the constitution watch out for MRAP's

    When asked why he would need these vehicles in the states... The deputy made a comment about how many consitutionalists they have around there. http://thenewsdoctors.com/washington-sheriffs-deputy-we-need-mraps-to-deal-with-constitutionalists/