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    Another shotout in Houston, another win for the home owner.

    eye95, You are welcome. I find the article fascinating on so many levels. Makes you think. protias, That is exactly what is happening, denying a constitutional right to a portion of the people. OC for ME, I did not know that because, I do not peruse the Indiana sub forum, thank you. And now...
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    Another shotout in Houston, another win for the home owner.

    I did not hear about this in the news. Glad the home owner was not limited on magazine capacity. https://www.ammoland.com/2019/02/houston-gunfight-as-deadly-as-ok-corral-home-owner-uses-ak47-in-self-defense/#axzz5egHAu81D
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    Spokane City Council proposes tax on guns and ammo.

    I don't know if it will do any good posting here but, Spokane has the "Seattle" mentality on taxing guns and ammo. Ben Stuckert, Spokane city council president has proposed the tax. I would like to get a lot of people at the city council meeting monday night (the March 5th) to oppose this bs...
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    Visiting Colorado from Washington

    Good Day, I will be driving so, obviously, I will have out of state plates. This always enhances the chance of being stopped and I want to be on top of the laws. My destination is Golden Co. A few things, My Washington CPL is not honored. So, I will be open carrying. From what I have read, OC...
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    Pro I-591 Spokane Edition. Is there anyone out there?

    Good Day from the Far East Side, I know people are busy, but we need to do something here in Spokane to show support for I-591. I have not seen any billboards, yard signs or bumper stickers on ether 591 or 594. So, I know it is short notice, but we need to have an OC meeting to see who we can...
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    Time for Spokane OC Picnic in a Park.

    We have not discussed this for awhile, but maybe we could have a picnic. We need to invite Spokane's new police chief. Any idea's?
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    Need information on police chief Frank Stroub.

    Good Morning to Indiana, I live in Spokane Washington and we have had a series of problems with police chiefs. The city is looking at former police chief Frank Stroub from Indianapolis, as our new police chief. One of the questions that probably will not be asked here is, How does Mr. Stroub...
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    Need to update new Spokane Mayor and new Council members on OC.

    Good Morning Spokane, I would like to set up a meeting to address OC issues in Spokane. This could be done Saturday 7th at 9:00am to 10:00am. If you can't make it fine, we will get the word out which Monday council meeting we will be at. I am hoping this month. I would like to get as many...
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    Spokane Hoopfest and Open Carry

    I feel the police are wrong to do this. Here is an article about the increased police presence at this years Hoopfest, because of the (gang) related shooting last year. It could be dangerous waters for OC at this event. Even if we are legal or not, I bet they (the police) will draw down on an...
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    June Spokane OC Picnic in a Park

    Since the subject has been brought up, I believe we had something for around June 25th. Of course we could have a meet up before then. We should have enough time to put something together. Any ideas?
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    March Spokane OC Meet

    imported post The west side has been very active and making the news. Well, we have a couple of weeks til the 3-day gun show. Any thoughts on happenings in Spokane? OC Meetings? Does not have to be a lunch. Picnics at a park? Events to be at with pamphlets? Put in your 2 cents worth.
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    Northwest Cable News

    imported post I was watching NWCN, in Spokane, and they had the story on Starbucks. The interview was with Jim Beal (I assume before the surgery) and Paul Helmke. They had the names switched. They showed Paul Helmke as Jim Beal, gun owner. Might be confusing, except I recognized Jim's hair...
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    Spokane Febuary OC Meeting

    imported post OK, Eastsiders, I will open with, Saturday, February 20th., Eagle's Pub, 414 1st Street in Cheney, Wa. at 1600, 8 bells, 4 PM. Lots of items to discuss. April, 3 day gun show, on going problems with the city, OC picnic's, etc.
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    Travelling to Cali.

    imported post After reading the regulations for the state, I wonder if the criminals wrote them. I might be going to SoCal in October. My Wa state CPL is invalid. I can OC, but not loaded. In a vehicle it needs to be in a box unloaded. It is useless. And you are releasing 40,000 prisoners...
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    Spokane OC meeting Aug. 8th.

    imported post Here we go, The Onion, downtown Spokane, high noon, Saturday Aug. 8th. To exchange information and meet new people. Those who can make it, that would be great.
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    Spokane OC picnic at a park.

    imported post After reading the posts from the west side it appears they are having way too much fun. We talked about having a picnic, at a park, at the last lunch/meeting. First, I need some input from the the Spokane contingent. Let me know.
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    Lewis-Clark Gun Show in Spokane April.

    imported post April 3, 4, 5 is a three day show with the Lewis-Clark Traders. I am in the process of securing a couple of tables for OC and the Appleseed Project. It would be great if we could get a few people to help man the tables, on that weekend, and of course talk with patrons of the show...
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    Cheney / Spokane OC Lunch Meeting

    imported post So far we have a tentative date, Jan 17, and a couple of people. We need a place and a time. Place? Time?
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    Shots fired into Spokane City Hall

    imported post http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2008/dec/22/shots-fired-city-hall/ I am at a loss as to what to make of this.
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    November Spokane OC Meeting

    imported post A meeting to get ides to make OC more common in Spokane. I will open with Nov. 22 around noon, at the Onion on north Division St. They have far better club sandwiches.