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  1. K

    Taurus PT111 w/ horrible accuracy

    imported post I have a PT111 Millennium Pro 9mm that I've shot about 2000 rounds through. I take great care of it and completely clean it after every use. The only thing I haven't cleaned is the firing pin mechanism. Anyway, I've used several different ammunition's but I primarily use Blazer...
  2. K

    Anyone have problems up north?

    imported post I'm new to the forums, and I've been reading it constantly for the last few days. It looks like there are a couple members from my area, Traverse City and I was wondering if anyone has had any problems with the police or any stores while open carrying?
  3. K

    Question on OC

    imported post Is there any more information on not being able to carry in an establishment licensed under the Michigan liquor control act? Does this include party stores that sell only beer (say for example a gas station)? Does it also include any resturants that serve alcohol, like Applebees...