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    General information

    Long story short my company may be relocating me to Utah. I have a nevada concealed weapons permit but if this becomes a permanent move ill need to get a Utah one. Anyone know what the time requirement is for that?
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    Looking for some help and advice

    Not an entirely carry related post. Some friends and I are planning on camping up in Idaho this fall. A couple of us plan on carrying while we are up there and we are hoping to get some advice on some nice places to hike and camo at where this would be legal. Any suggestions?
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    Sig issues, any advice?

    So I bought a brand new Sig P229 and a couple of spare mags a month or so ago. Finally got out to the range and discovered that the slide does not lock back on an empty mag. I checked my grip to ensure I was not accidentally hitting the slide release. I don't know if it makes a difference but I...
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    Headed to the Great State of Texas

    Just a quick visit this time and wanted to make sure i had all my ducks in a row. Are there any special laws I should
  5. D

    Locking case

    Anyone know where I can find a good locking pistol case for air travel here in town?
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    Provo this weekend

    Coming up to Provo SLC this weekend beaides having to have the chamber empty on a semi auto, is their anythi NH i need to know? Also looking to see if anyone wants to grab a lunch with my self and my buddy on saturday. Abd if anyone can recommend abything fun to do up there? I was thinking...
  7. D


    Any one out there have any tips on how to handle people that freak out or make a scene because you are carrying?
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    Planning a trip down from Nevada

    Looks like I will be hitting OKC and Tulsa near the end of October. Am I correct in understanding your state recognizes all concealed permits but I will not be allowed to OC? Any good places I should check out while I am in the area? Thanks in advance.
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    Something I never thought of.

    In light of Las Vegas's rainy weather today a thought popped into my head. Does anyone change how they carry when it rains or snows?