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    Below is my first post (more accurately the earliest that I could find) from June 2006. Things didn't go quite the way I expected as far as timing but in the end, concealed carry arrived along with improvements in OC. Take time to remember the state of affairs when "Diamond" Jim Doyle and his...
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    "Enhancing" the Carry Experience

    Are there any rumblings about Wisconsin adding an "enhanced" permit to increase recognition/reciprocity? It would be useful for permit-required OC (e.g. Minnesota) as well as CC.
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    Is this Forum the Target of a Sub Rosa Operation?

    Did you ever notice new threads that have the following in common: 1. Started by a very new member 2. Who is often young and/or inexperienced but has admirable/lofty life goals. 3. Asks about a contentious subject 4. With an easily found answer 5. That the he thinks is unfair or doesn't...
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    Even Vince Would Wonder About OCDO Stickies

    Is there a rationale for determining which threads are "hot" or sticky? There have been at least a half dozen threads starting asking some variant of the GFSZ question, multiple ones on the MKEGal situation, WI honoring OOS licenses/permits, etc. I would think that the first one of each...
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    Wisconsin CWL Usefulness

    A quick tally of the places where a WI license is/is not honored. I checked the official state page whenever possible. Please post corrections if derived from official sources. Do not rely on Handgunlaw.us or other such sites. 1.....Issuing State.....WI 4.....Not Required......AK, AZ, VT...
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    Since Everybody's So Excited

    Why not put a countdown clock in a prominent position? T-51:15:00 and counting......
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    UWPD Wastes No Time

    Received this from my nephew. It apparently was mass-mailed to everybody on campus. Can you find at least 4 things wrong (factually or policywise)? I did.
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    Guns, Signs and Trespass in Michigan

    Dear Mr. Eastmeyers Since you were kind enough to respond in a such a polite manner, I will do as you suggested and begin a new thread. The essence of this is my contention that a “No Firearms” sign at the entrance to a business is a proper form of notice under Michigan’s trespass law...
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    Understanding Where You Can't Carry in Wisconsin

    In response to a poster's request, I threw together a guide on the trespass issues of SB93+. I did not proofread, quality check, etc. There are bound to be mistakes, typos etc. Please do not beat me up. It is intended as a first draft for others to improve - perhaps make into a pamphlet some...
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    Changes from SSA1 to SSA2

    Regarding Disorderly Conduct SSA1 SECTION 15. 66.0409 (6) of the statutes is created to read: 66.0409 (6) Unless other facts and circumstances apply, no person may be in violation of, or be charged with a violation of, an ordinance of a political subdivision relating to disorderly conduct or...
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    Assembly Partner to SB93?

    Any idea why there is no AB for a no-permit system? AB126-SB90 match up for shall issue but SB93 is out there all alone.
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    Isthmus Editorial by V.O. - Same Issue as Auric Gold Article - with {my commentary}

    {I removed my comments because I felt they were a distraction.} Arms and the man Imagine you’re sitting in a west-side eatery and a half-dozen guys come in sporting iron on their hips. By this I mean they are carrying guns holstered at their sides. They mill about and talk a little too loud...
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    The Interplay Between Concealed and Open Carry

    Let us make the assumption that WI institutes a right to conceal carry via permit in the next two years. Does this impact open carry in any way? For instance: 1. If you are a WI permit holder, does that exempt you from the federal GFSZ for OC as well? 2. Assuming further that the new law...
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    Something's Missing

    imported post Sorry wrong thread. Pls delete.
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    Radio Gun Talk

    imported post My nephew in Madison just called to tell me there is going to be some sort of gun discussion on WIBA (1310), 3-6 local. I'm going to see if there is an internet feed. Could some of you cheeseheads tune in and provide a summary?
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    imported post Well, kiddies I'm gone. OCDO has finally reached PDO condition. The newest technique is for a moderator to prevent comment on, corrections to, or other response to demonstrably false and silly claims. If the members want this board to be a mutual admiration society (or more...
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    OC/CC in Wisconsin RIP

    imported post Well the final nail has been driven in the coffin of CC in the Badger state. It wasn't foul play - it died from neglect. The moribund WCCA always willing to take your cash didn't even have a new entry on its website since last March and that was about Nebraska. So now turning to...
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    Defining the Contours of Open Carry in Wisconsin

    imported post pkbites and I had an exchange in another forum that I would like to present for comment. I challenged anyone to provide evidence of an instance where a person was cited/arrested/etc. for disorderly conduct or anything else simply for openly carrying. While pkbites has some...
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    Wisconsin's Quirkiness

    imported post It appears that open carry is required in some circumstances. You generally cannot carry concealed and under the definition given in the case below, an unloaded, encased handgun is still a concealed “dangerous weapon” and you cannot have it on your person (or next to you on the...