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    I need a law enforcement officers expertise.

    Hello everyone! I guess I am not limiting this to cops only, but I am in need of some information! I am from Iowa and have an Iowa permit to carry weapons. I am going to visit Las Vegas in Feburary 8th-15th. What I need to know is several fold. 1. Is my permit recognized by the state of...
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    This is going to rile and ruffle feathers!

    I need some honest opinions here! I know were only supposed to talk about open carry and not about cc. I know there are going to be several people who tar and feather me for asking this question, but I carry EVERYWHERE with the exception of work and church. I am tired of taking my firearm off...
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    So Proud of my friends daughter!!!

    I have a good female friend that has two kids a girl (kelly) 6 and a boy 4. My friend is getting married this summer to a drunken jackwagon, but thats a different story for a different thread. Me her, her two kids and another friend were in Des moines over the weekend. This is how a...