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    Deschutes County

    imported post Are there any members here from Deschutes County? How friendly is the Sheriff there in terms of the CHL application process? Is Deschutes County open carry friendly? Thanks! -AR
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    For Sale

    imported post Hello, Just thought I'd toss this on the board and see if anyone was interested. I have for sale a nice example of a Sig P220 Stainless Sport Stock. This configuration of the pistol was a special edition with fiber optic target sights and extended controls. I had the tall profile...
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    House Joint Memorial 3

    imported post RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS - Stating findings of the Legislature urging that the Senate and House of Representatives of the United State in Congress and to the Idaho congressional delegation to cease and desist attempting to enact federal legislation impinging on the individual...
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    Question about CPL Validity

    imported post Hey, I have a twofold question regarding CPL validity after a change of address. a.) Is a WA CPL valid after an in-state move where the address has changed? Does the permit holder have any responsibility to update the information within a given time frame? b.) Is a WA CPL...
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    Bothell PD recognizes OC

    imported post On advice from sv_libertarian (thanks Steve!) I emailed the Bothell Police Chief to talk about open carry. Chief Conover was extremely polite and informative. He said that the Bothell Police Officers and Dispatchers recognize the right of citizens to open carry in a peaceable...
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    Distribution of Training Bulletins

    imported post I'm interested in getting more local PD's to issue training bulletins regarding open carry. I think this, coupled with an effort to educate officers at the academy level (see Agent 47's earlier post), will be necessary if we're to get anywhere in the long term. So my question is...