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  1. papa bear

    Constitutional carry phrase

    Hi, this is a subject that has bothered me for a long time. Why do people that want To hide thier guns insist on calling it thatt In NC and VA we have had the constitutional Right to carry for years. I have to doubt their sincerity. Why dont they call it what it is? Permitless Concealment
  2. papa bear

    Good bye Chris Sturgis

    Sad to say Chris Sturgis passed away July 4th. Chris was an EM in the VCDL. He worked hard at Booths in Blackburg and Chritianburg, and was a Great advacate For Gun Rights in VA. He had a great personality and a great Laid back style. He Lived in Hilsville, VA, he was 53 years Olda He will be...
  3. papa bear

    Must conceal with permit

    Hey guys, I have run into a person on another forum, that lives in your state. She has been told, by LEO, THAT if she has a CUP, your state she can only carry concealed. I have ran into this nonsense in other states. It is pushed by rabbid concealer s. I couldn't find anything in MS law, that...
  4. papa bear

    OC Robbed in Newport News

    I am in an argument with a person on Facebook, about OF. At first he was saying if I was happy with it, then he now.Is challenge it The did give me a post. Where a person in New Port News, was robbed of his OC gun. It does.seem he had some.retention problems. If some of.You can elaborate on...
  5. papa bear

    Grnc oc and andrew,nc

    I just got an alert from GRNC, it looks like they are going against an open carry ban in Andrew, NC. Well, it could be.about all carry. It does seem strange for GRNC to care about OC. But let's give them the benefit of doubt What is Andrew trying to do? What do they mean " western Chaple...
  6. papa bear


    sorry if this is already discussed couldn't find the thread I just received an alert from GRNC about this bill. they seem to endorse it I don't know if I read the last form of it. But I really had a hard time finding anything for it. I am against government privilege, so I didn't like any of...
  7. papa bear

    wearable camera

    Hey guys and gals, I know this has been discussed n here before. But I can't get the search to work I like to work the pro gun boothes at festivities. Every once and a while I get some anti defense nuts, and too I get good people that have good stories I would like to have a small recording...
  8. papa bear

    golf club weapon??

    ran across this thought it interesting. http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/man-arrested-for-carrying-golf-club-sues-city-seattle-police/ first off I thought CACHINGE. then I wondered what part of Africa he was from
  9. papa bear

    Carry at nra

    I read in the media, and by by the lying gun prohibitionist, that carry was not going to be allowed at the NRA :uhoh:convention. So I thought "typical", and curse the NRA. Now I read a gun writer say that carry and OC was definitely allowed. Now I do need to know if the ones allowed was LE, or...
  10. papa bear

    Potts Slope gun Range

    couldn't find the SW VA thread. so i will just tell my experience here went from Covington, VA to Salem, ended up going through New Castle. I like that little town. they have a OC and a prepper festival there as i was coming down Potts Mtn (very beautiful vistas BTW), I ran across the Potts...
  11. papa bear

    carry in parks

    Went to the dinner and had a very young CC. Instructed that was deterring say you could not open in a municipal park. Also that you could carry in an athletic facility. Can you star what is true and cite the law where it makes it clear.Thanks sorry about the wording and the spelling, i was...
  12. papa bear

    Cc victory for grnc

    Looks like the GRNC can count another victory for Concealed Carry. too bad they don't fight for right to carry...
  13. papa bear

    Good cops tale

    Just like to give a good cop story for a counter to all the bad ones we get https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCecfRYkK0c
  14. papa bear

    GUN FIRST BUY (buy back)

    i said first buy. because it can not be a buy back. but here will be one in Winston-salem tomorrow Sat the 12th http://www.cityofws.org/home-center/gun-buy-back i hope many of you will show up and "buy back" as many guns as possible
  15. papa bear

    Bigotry in WV

    it wasn't the article so much as the picture of the Bigot holding up that sign. what does he think the CHIL-dren are going to be infected with the constitution http://www.ammoland.com/2014/03/west-virginia-gov-signs-bill-eliminating-city-gun-ordinances/#axzz2xB1lQvET
  16. papa bear

    legal or illegal

    i ran across this discussing the other day and it made me think about somethings the discussion was that in some areas. the "authorities" wants people to think that thing are illegal until they decide on them. weather or not it is legal or not i know here in NC we OC because there are no laws...
  17. papa bear

    Legal age to carry in VA

    this is one from our friend John Pierce, EM of VCDL, and other things. it covers purchasing, carry and possession by 18-20 and minors in VA. good summary http://johnpierceesq.com/?p=370
  18. papa bear

    Being Silent is Guilty

    i think i did see this discussed one time on this forum before. but i couldn't find it but here goes. a recent ruling has made being silent, a admittance to being guilty. so if you are asked if you did something, and you remain silent, it will be issued in court that you were silent, and YOU...
  19. papa bear

    ANTIS and Credit Cards

    found this on the net. i have been to this shop a couple of times. not sure what to do about it http://gunssavelives.net/gun-industry/credit-card-firm-cuts-off-account-of-nations-biggest-gun-store-without-warning/
  20. papa bear


    hey guys, if you haven't seen this, i thought you might like this. http://www.examiner.com/article/senators-hear-from-man-convicted-on-public-gathering-charge?CID=examiner_alerts_article