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    Request for Participants, Gun Ownership Project

    Yes, and some people are happy to sit here and take shots at people like Gutshot, who actually spend their time attending committee meetings, talking to legislators, and probably most importantly making sure that local governments aren't infringing on laws that are in place. Say what you will...
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    Request for Participants, Gun Ownership Project

    If the OP is still around, I'm happy to talk, especially given that a few other known posters on this forum have said this is an okay survey. I'm a full time employee of U of L, and am happy to meet with the OP in my office(CB LL37) or at any other place place of mutual convenience on or...
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    Interesting Experience at Two Different Gun Stores

    About a month back, I bought a(used) gun from Dan's Discount Jewelry and Pawn in Lexington(New Circle Road). When I bought the gun, they insisted on giving me a trigger lock and a Youth Handgun Safety Notice pamphlet...I tried to refuse both, but as I said they insisted. I've bought guns from...
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    Return of the K frame 357

    Like many folks, I love the feel and handling of S&W K-frame revolvers. I have 5 of them in various barrel lengths and calibers. Missing from the new production line up for a few years now has been a K frame in 357 magnum. Reports about the supposed fragility of K frames have been passed around...
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    .38 vs .380

    I really don't appreciate being called dishonest, especially since it was not warranted in this situation! I posted references for my information, and gave a summary of it that I believe accurately describes it Here was my statement to which you seemed to take offense Yes, there are...
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    .38 vs .380

    Did you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page at the link I posted? The numbers are there! Here is a cropped version of the chart, showing the relevant data points
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    University of Louisville Deadly Weapons Policy and Open Carry

    It seems as though U of L has recently changed their deadly weapons policy to comply with Mitchell v. UK. Previously, the policy prohibited the possession of any weapons on campus, even in privately owned vehicles. I just went looking a little while ago, and found an updated policy that contains...
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    .327 Magnum-any opinions?

    Speaking of recoil, here's a comparison using one of the recoil calculators on the web. The gun weights are, in the left column, a 3" Ruger SP101 in 327 magnum, and the right column a 3" Ruger SP101 in .357 Magnum. The velocities came from Ballistics By the Inch, with the velocity for the 327...
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    4473 Question

    I was told something by a clerk on my most recent purchase, and I was curious about it as I'd never heard it before. I figured the folks here, if anywhere, would know the answer. The gun was purchased at a "big box" chain retailer, and I filled out the 4473 electronically(my first time doing...
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    44 Special

    Anyone on here have much experience with the 44 special? I'm close on buying a pre-war S&W Hand Ejector in 44 special. I'm interested in it more as a collectible/historic gun, but I've also heard a lot of talk recently about folks using it as a self defense round and also see that a lot of the...
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    "Multi Fire Glock"

    There's a letter to the editor today in my local newspaper saying that ordinary citizens shouldn't be allowed to own "multi fire Glocks". Would anyone care to explain to me just what this is? :) :)
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    Out of State Transfer Question

    I'm trying to work out a deal with my uncle to buy a handgun from him. He's a resident of Maryland, and I'm in Kentucky. I know it's not legal for use to do a face to face transfer of it. I've bought plenty of handguns from out of state, and am familiar with the usual FFL-to-FFL...
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    .327 Magnum-any opinions?

    I've been intrigued by this little cartridge for a while, although not intrigued enough to buy(or even rent) a gun a try it out. The performance numbers on paper look impressive, as well as the fact that it can squeeze 6 cartridges into a J-frame sized gun. The small size of the bullet does...
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    Holster for a Colt Police Positive Special

    I've had my Police Positive for a while, but haven't shot it very much. I took it to the range today, and remembered just how much I like it! Mine is fairly old-from the mid-1920s by the serial number, but seems to have been shot very little and has no play at all in the lock-up. For those...
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    Kentucky 2013 legislative session

    Here's the exact text of the door stickers at U of L. These are, as best as I can tell, posted on every possible entrance to every building that is part of the University system. As you can see, the only law cited on their posted signs is the concealed carry law, and only to say that it does not...
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    Favorite .357 SD Ammo?

    I just picked up my first .357 Magnum this weekend, a 1966 vintage S&W 28-2(6"). I'm just wondering what some of the more experienced folks here prefer as far as an SD ammo for this. I've been carrying the 135gr 38 special +P short barrel gold dots in my J-frame, and I've been happy with the...
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    Kleber WMA Shooting Range

    Hi Everyone, I'm a long-time lurker here, but a newly registered member. For a good little while now, I've using the free range at the Kleber WMA in Franklin/Owen counties to practice my marksmanship. On my most recent visit there, I noticed two bothersome changes. The first is that the...