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    Is Indiana still a licensed open carry state?

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    Husband/wife open carry tonight

    Tonight, we (me, wife, our 3 kids) went to a fund raiser for some guys who are running for office-Dan Herbster (running for Re-election for St. Joe county common council); Mark Telloyan (running for state representative) and Michael Thomas (running for St. Joe county board of commissioners). We...
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    Saw another OC yesterday

    Went down to Indy to see a friend yesterday. We went to the Gander Mtn in Castleton, I think, to take a look at some guns because he wanted to get one. He hasn't shot much before and never owned a gun. We looked at their glocks & xds. I was concealing because we had just been to the mall. I...
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    South Bend Meet & Greet

    South Bend Chocolate Cafe 3:00 PM Saturday 7 January 2012 Open carry if you wish. Invite your friends. Chocolate Café - Downtown South Bend 122 South Michigan South Bend, Indiana Next to the College Football Hall of Fame
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    Just go along with it

    A couple weeks ago, I was driving with my 3 kids, 6, 4, and 3 years old. As any of you who live here in Indiana and have kids probably already know, the law concerning kids in booster seats is rather ridiculous. They have to sit in them until they're 6' tall, 240 lbs, or 17 years old...
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    Smith & Wesson Model 327 2"

    imported post Anybody carry this, and if so, what holster would you recommend? The only one I've found so far is the one from S&W. Thanks...
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    Handgun registration

    imported post This was from the article on last weekend's picnic. Here's my question: I live in Indiana, where I don't have to register my handguns. Michigan recognizes my LTCH as a CCW permit. Am I required to have my handguns registered somewhere in order to carry them in Michigan? Does...